March 7, 2010

Models Own

Top Turquoise. A nice turquoise creme. It is bright and cheerful. This was three coats and the only one of the bunch that I had some application issues with. Sometimes whitish streaks would come out. Maybe I should have rolled the polish a bit before I applied? I wasn't sure if it was separation or what, but after three coats, it evened out and looked fine.

Slate Green. A dusty green creme. It reminds me a lot of Misa's Dirty, Sexy, Money. Maybe its baby sister as it looks lighter than DSM, but not pastel looking at all. This was two coats and the formula was perfect. The second picture is the most accurate.

Peacock Green. The only shimmer I got from the sale. This looks more like an emerald green to me with the tiniest hint of blue. I had such a hard time trying to photograph this and had to resort to not putting any topcoat on, which seemed to help. When I tried to photograph it with topcoat, it would be so so shiny (not that that is a bad thing) but my camera would freak out and it would look like I had radioactive nails or something. lol. This is two coats and the formula was amazing! Smooth and not too thick or thin and practically applied itself.

Misty Grey. A light grey creme. I love greys and this one does not disappoint. This was two coats and was easy peasy to apply. This reminds me of RBL's Concrete Jungle and I may do some comparison swatches later on for this one and a few others from this set. Very pretty, not much else to add.

Lime Green. This is a light green creme and the first one I wore as a full manicure. The formula was good and this was three coats. I really like this color and I don't have many greens like this in my collection surprisingly.

Grey Day. A beautiful dark grey creme. It's stunning! I love these types of greys and it reminds me of RBL Stormy. This was two coats and I had no application issues. This is another that I might do a comparison for.

Green Tea. Another great green creme. I can't get enough of them. This was two coats.

Grass Green. A green jelly!! Yes, that's right, a green jelly. This is hands down my favorite and this was only 2 coats too. It looks so unassuming in the bottle but on the nail, wow, it's gorgeous. And this is without topcoat! LOOK at how shiny it is. *goes blind* If you love green polish at all, this is a must!

Disco Mix. A blue and purple mix of glitter in a clear base. It's so sparkly and adding a topcoat just makes it shine that much more. Super simple and I'm sure anyone could franken this if they wanted to, but it is still pretty nonetheless. This was three coats.

Emerald City. Holy Smokes! Isn't she gorgeous? She isn't quite as aqua as my pictures show and is more of an medium green in real life. The base is clear and this was three coats. It was way more shiny in real life too, almost impossible to capture in just a picture. This is my favorite glitter of the bunch.

Bluebelle. A blue glitter in a clear base. It is super blingy and took three coats to achieve opacity. I didn't find this very bumpy after one coat of Seche Vite, but I'm sure two coats would make this completely smooth. My pictures didn't quite capture how shiny this really is in real life.

Overall I am quite happy with this purchase and I definitely plan to purchase more from them in the future. I think their prices are reasonable and they even have a deal where if you purchase 5 polishes you receive 7 pounds off. And I'm thankful they ship to the USA, being that most companies don't ship polishes overseas.

The formula was very good and I was pleasantly surprised by this and is probably the main reason I will be ordering from them again. Drying time was very quick too, for all of them and who can complain about that?

Let's hope for a sale again soon and I hope everyone enjoyed!


  1. Oh and I nominated you for a Best Blog Award. I had to add you in because I can't believe I forgot you. Just letting you know.

  2. Wow! Now I won't be able to rest until I get most of those incredibly beautiful polishes - the green cremes are perfect! I've just dicovered grey and those two are really pretty. Beautiful nails and great swatches.

  3. Late to this post but thanks for the pics! I am trying to get a Models Own order together and this was really helpful!

    Kris in Philly

  4. Oh wow! I just stumbled on your blog looking for more Models Own swatches since I really like the ones that I have and have swatched. We got a lot of the same colors. :D I'm definitely going to include Bluebelle in my next haul.