July 9, 2012

How to revive a nail polish tutorial

I left the cap a bit loose when putting it away in my Helmer. When I pulled the bottle out, this is what greeted me. If you think dried out glitter can't be saved, think again!

Ball of glitter, meet Seche Restore. Seche Restore is just one of the many nail polish thinners out there. Just be sure to use a thinner that does not contain acetone.

I filled up the bottle with thinner so it should look something like this.

Then I used an orange stick to loosen up the glitter. It takes a few minutes of stirring and scraping off the sides to start the revival process. When the glitter is loose enough, I put the cap back on and then shook for a few minutes.


Pop Beauty Twinkle. Three coats. Good as new!


  1. This has (thankfully) not happened to me yet! And this polish has gone straight on my wishlist!!
    Pop Beauty glitters are beautiful, aren't they?

  2. i have a thinner but not got round to using it yet as i was scared! thanks for the post xxx


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