August 15, 2011


We all need reminders of stuff every now and then! So here's a post full of them!

Just a heads up, I know I didn't mention it before. But today expires a discount code for the new Lippmann polishes on the What She Buys website. Just to throw it out there, I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form. I get my Lippmanns (which aren't many) from them because they offer free shipping with no minimum, they don't charge tax outside of CA and their turn around time is super fast! Sometimes they ship the same day or next day after placing an order. Plus, they use USPS if it's small/light enough.

So please don't think I'm trying to shill anything here. The code ends tonight and I was told by the sales associate that it may not work for everyone. But I figured I'd post anyway since it's worth a shot, right? The code is newjuly2011 and is good for 15% off on the following polishes:

Get This Party Started Set
Brick House
Single Ladies
Stormy Weather

I ordered the Get This Party Started Set and the code worked just fine. But this is a pre-order of sorts as they don't have the product in stock yet. But they expect to have it and ship it out on or around the 23rd of this month.

Now, another reminder! Don't forget that on the 24th of this month (next Wednesday), all polishes from the Make Up Store in CO will be 40% off! If you haven't called to reserve your polishes yet, you should! I heard they've received over 8,000 orders in just one day! I myself have already ordered Siw, Aqua Fix Base Coat, Greta, Britta, Madeleine, Marcus and Paula! So take advantage of the low price while you can :D

You can read more info about how to contact them and where they're located, etc. on the post directly two below this one. Or you can just click here to go there!

And finally, my last reminder for the day. Please do not make the same mistake I do! When purchasing polish in person that is not sealed like the $OPIs are, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK TO SEE THAT THE NECK OF THE BOTTLE IS INTACT! If not before you leave the store, then before the store's refund/exchange policy is up!

Why do I remind you to do this? It's simple. About 4 weeks ago I purchased a few OPIs and never checked them or tried them on. Until just a few days ago. It was then that I noticed one bottle had a broken neck :( What the heck am I talking about, you may be asking? THIS! This is what I'm talking about:

As you can see, even where it's not broken, there's cracks. Which makes me think it's only a matter of time before it breaks more.

Of course, it's right there on the receipt, I had 14 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange any products and we're going on 40 days here. So, too late for anything :( My only plan of action now is to transfer this poor baby into an intact bottle.

Oh well. Learn from my mistake! Check it before it's too late....or, just try to remember, 'Check yourself before your wreck yourself' :p

Well, that's it from me for today. Next time I'll show you a couple of my latest frankens! I hope you're having a wonderful beginning of the week and I hope to see you later!

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