August 17, 2011

Franken time!!!!

So today I'm showing off my two latest frankens. I tweeted about them the other day, Fritter In The Air and Copper Dreams. Dumb names and not very creative, I know. Let's start with Fritter In The Air! I got this by throwing some WnW Nocturnal, Hard Candy Sky and Heaven Pure Purple into WnW Party of Five Glitters. So it was easy to make and readily available at the drugstore :)

This is 2 coats of it. Probably could have used a third, but I was satisfied with the look, so I left it.

 Next up is Copper Dreams. Another really easy to make concoction. All I did was drop a tiny bit of WnW Nocturnal and Cover Girl Ice Slicks Orange Slush into Icing's Bird of Paradise. This is 2 coats. You can see that at an angle, some of the glitter takes on a greenish tinge. It's awesome!!!

Short video showing them both

Well, that's it! Watch out for a collection post. Not sure when exactly that will be, but I'll have an announcement that you may want to stick around for in that post! Could be today, could be tomorrow. Who knows??


  1. OMG! I love, love the first one. I just ordered some empty nail polish bottles to try my own concussions. I'm excited.

  2. Nice frankens, the second one is really stunning! :)