May 26, 2010

Black Lace and Illusion D'Or!!!

So the next color from the Glam Goth Collection I tried out was Black Lace. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in it. For the color mainly. In the few pictures I've seen of it, it looked really grey. Like a darker version of RBL's Stormy. Which is what I was wanting! But after putting it on, I noticed it's not that grey. It's more of a soft black color. Not nearly grey enough for me. But still nice. The formula on this was goopy and streaky, but I'm sure some thinner should fix that. Here are a couple of pictures in direct sunlight.

Oh and by the way, please excuse the wear and scratches on this mani. I only applied it lastnight, but since I've been busy all morning moving, opening and sorting boxes, it's suffered a bit :(

So, like I said, I was pretty let down by this color. I honestly thought it would be more grey. So, I decided to jazz it up a bit by adding some Illusion D'Or! This is only 1 coat.

This is in the shade.

Direct Sunlight.

What's that you say? Not very pretty? Well, believe me when I say pictures don't really do this any justice. Don't believe me? Well, see for yourself! I had to make a quick little video of this in a tiny bit of sunlight against my wall outside. Go on, look!!!

Believe me now? Still not convinced? Well, I love this combo :D Alrighty, well that's it from me for now. I'll try to post again with the last two colors from this set over the next couple of days. Until then, hope you guys are doing well!!!

May 25, 2010

Ulta For Bitten :D

So my skin wasn't too happy about it, but I removed Tainted Love lastnight and replaced it with my second choice from Ulta's Glam Goth Set, For Bitten. I'm not very good with describing colors, but this one is definitely a hard one anyway. It looks like red glitter in a black base. But when you hold it at different angles it shows different colors. Or, atleast I see different colors. I couldn't really capture it, but in my opinion the shimmer goes from a golden amber color to a light pink purple to red. Here are a few pictures without flash, at different angles in different lighting to try and show you what I'm talking about!

I wasn't too crazy about the formula on this one. It was sort of thick and goopy. But 2 coats gave me complete opacity and it dried pretty well, so I can't get too mad at it. I do have to say though, that so far of the two I've tried from this set, both brushes are kind of weird! Weird in a sense that they both have stray and crooked hairs. It bothers me enough to want to trim them. But I probably won't do that out of fear of messing the brush up to a worse condition. Also, I'm not as in love with this color as I thought I would be. It just didn't WOW me like Tainted Love did. Hopefully tomorrow's color will be more exciting!

Alrighty, well that's it from me today. I've got a busy day of sorting and folding and washing to do, so until tomorrow when I try the next color, have a wonderful day!

May 24, 2010

Ulta Tainted Love!!!

So this weekend I was able to get my grubby little hands on a Glam Goth set at Ulta. It was $9.95 for 5 mini Ulta Salon polishes. I got it mainly for this color, Tainted Love, and I don't regret it at all! I just hope that Ulta decides to make the colors in this collection part of the regular line, because I'm not satisfied with just one mini :(

The colors in the set are Black Lace, Tainted Love, For Bitten, After Hours and Underground. I'll hopefully be trying to post swatches of the other colors in the set as well, time permitting of course! But here it is in all it's glory under different light settings. None are with flash, only in natural light.

These are indoors.

These are outdoors.
The formula on this was great! Very smooth and pigmented. I only needed 2 coats to cover my nail line completely and it dried pretty quickly as well! I only know that because I accidentally knicked one of my nails while trying to get the Seche Vite out of it's drawer. No damage! So that was a pleasant surprise. Plus, the brush is one of those flat ones that I like and it's not too wide. But what I liked the most, I think is that the square lid comes off just like it does on the normal sized salon bottles. So that made application a lot easier as well :D

That's all I've got for you right now. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful evening!

May 20, 2010

American Apparel L'Esprit

So, yesterday I got part of my American Apparel nail polish haul. Most of it was out of stock sadly. But here's what UPS brought yesterday:

I have to say, I love the bottles more than anything! I was a bit confused by one box though. It said Massini on it! I know Massini is also a nail polish brand...maybe they share bottle manufacturers? I don't know. I don't own any Massini polishes (not available to me) so I can't compare them side by side.

So, I was tempted to try out Malibu Green first. But I let my middle child choose a color and he chose L'Esprit. This is my first time using an American Apparel polish and I have to agree with every other review I've read on these polishes, it's AWESOME! It wasn't thick, goopy or runny and it was completely opaque in one coat! If I were more careful I would have left it at one, but I"m very messy when I put np on. So I had to do a second coat to make it look somewhat presentable. Here's two thin coats with SV on top.

My only complaint with these polishes would be the brush. Well, not really the brush, but the stick on the brush. It's super long. Which makes sense if you think of the bottle shape. But I found it hard to take the excess polish of the stick without dipping the brush into more polish. Perhaps I'm just physically disabled this way. But I'm sure it'll get easier with practice :) That's it from me for now. Thanks for looking and hope you guys are all ready for the weekend!

May 18, 2010

2 Frankens

Kadynce. I know the name to you might sound strange but I was planning on getting Zoya Trinity for one of my nieces, and they didn't have Kadynce or anything close for my other niece. So, next best thing is to franken her one right?! It is a deep purple jelly base with blue, purple and gold glitter. I wrote down the formula in case anyone wanted to replicate this, but then I lost it. :(

But here is what I can remember:
25% OPI Absolutely Alice
25% Claire's Diva (purple glitter)
35% China Glaze Ravishing Darling (red jelly)
15% WnW Nocturnal (blue jelly)

Alice in Emerald City? The name was suggested to me by a friend from the nailboard. It is composed of the three polishes I used to make this franken. I essentially wanted a teal/green version of OPI's Absolutely Alice and this is what I came up with.

The recipe is:
30% OPI Absolutely Alice
30% China Glaze Dorothy Who?
40% China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

May 14, 2010

Red Kick!

Carolyn New York (CNY) Lincoln Center topped with CND Crimson Sparkle


Carolyn New York (CNY) Lincoln Center topped with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Lincoln Center. Very very bright red jelly? I don't think it is a full out jelly, but it is kind of squishy. This is hands down my favorite red. I've worn it lots of times already and there is visible usage *screams* It is sad that they went out of business because they had some great colors. It is probably my favorite brush and the application is incredible! All the pictures were two coats and I also included an old picture of my newbie konading.

May 13, 2010

CND Colour & Effect

CND Fireberry. Very bright red creme. This was only one coat and perfectly opaque. The formula was perfection and practically applied itself. I then topped it with a CND effect in Crimson Sparkle. This one sparkles gold and red in different lights. I always find myself reaching for this effect over my other ones since I love it so much. It is much more amazing than my pictures can show!

May 10, 2010

Claire's glitters

Claire's Twinkle Twinkle. Blue based packed with blue glitter. The glitter is very small, much like the Nubar Sparkles. This polish is SO bright and sparkly. Application was great and this was two coats.

Claire's Diva. The purple version of Twinkle Twinkle. I love Twinkle Twinkle better, but this one is also great. No application issues and this was two coats.

May 8, 2010

Chanel swatches

Chanel Nouvelle Vague. Robin egg blue with shimmer. This was three coats.

Chanel Mistral. I absolutely love the micro-glitter in this. I am not usually a fan of pinks but I really enjoy this one. It is very soft and feminine and this might have to be my go-to nail polish for work appropriate colors. This was two coats and application was great.

Chanel Illusion D'Or. Clear base with gold glitter and iridescent flakies. The shade picture shows the blue/purple flakies the best. I have layered it over a black creme. This was only one coat over the black and it dried rather smooth for a glitter.

MAC Blue India. Dusty teal creme. Perfect application and formula considering MAC's track record for being a pain to work with and chip city. This was two coats.

May 6, 2010

Most recent additions to my nail polish family :)

Today I got my latest 8ty8 haul and my Damone order so I decided to take pictures of my latest acquisitions! Yes, I'm that excited :D

So let's start with my 8ty8 haul! I got these:

Fiercely Fiona, Who The Shrek Are You?, Funky Dunkey, Ogre The Top Blue, Twiggie and Wild and Willing
I have to say, of this bunch, the color I'm most excited to try out is Wild and Willing. After swatching it on my nail wheel, it looks like if OPI DS Treasure and OPI DS Perfection got together and had a baby, this would be it! Absolutely Gorgeous.

From Ulta, taking advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, I got What's With The Cattitude?, Jade Is The New Black and Absolutely Alice.

I also ordered a couple of the Damone Roberts OPIs, 1968 and had to do a side by side bottle comparison with the one I got last year. My conclusion is that, yep, they're the same! I might be the only one, but I was wondering if they'd be exactly the same or if there would be a slight difference. But as far as I can tell they're exactly the same. Check out this picture of my older bottle from the original release (left) and the new one that came in the mail today (right).

Also, FedEx brought me a package on Tuesday that I'd been eagerly awaiting. I'm sure no words are needed, just take a look!

Isn't it beautiful?! I phone ordered this from the boutique in Dallas, cause they always send their packages out 2 Day Express :D

Then of course my favoritest swap buddy sent me most of my wishlist items:

La Boheme, Red Dazzle, Reflecting Pool, Dirty Sexy Money, Minty and Love, Beverly Hills

Then finally I found one of the CC sets at Ross (Pardon My French) and got a Rimmel from Wal-Fart (Steel Grey).

All in all I'd say it's been a good week for nails! That's it for now, hope you're having a great evening!

OPI Damone Roberts 1968 rerelease!

OPI Damone Roberts 1968. If you haven't heard through the grapevine that OPI is rereleasing DR1968, well, here I am to tell you! So I have decided to swatch it again for you all to see. I actually wore this as a manicure for a few days, which is rare for me since I change my manicure almost daily.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this polish, you will need to call Beverly Hills Damone Roberts, and order over the phone. Good luck!

May 3, 2010

J2 swatches

J2 Purple Dazzle. Sheer purple base with purple and silver glitter, along with iridescent hex flakies. The polish itself is too sparse to be worn alone, but does wonders when layered. Here I have shown it layered over GOSH Wild Lilac, a light purple creme. The shade pictures also capture the flakies really well too. I used three coats for Wild Lilac and one coat for Purple Dazzle.

J2 Midnight Affair. Blackened blue shimmer. Almost black indoors, but really shines with sunlight. I absolutely love this with Purple Dazzle. This was two coats and application was okay.

J2 Plum. Gorgeous deep purple shimmer. This was two coats and gave me no application issues. I also layered Plum with Purple Dazzle.

J2 Bordeaux. Gorgeous maroon shimmer. I didn't get a chance to layered Purple Dazzle over it because I smudged it right after I took pictures of it lol. This was two coats.