May 14, 2010

Red Kick!

Carolyn New York (CNY) Lincoln Center topped with CND Crimson Sparkle


Carolyn New York (CNY) Lincoln Center topped with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Lincoln Center. Very very bright red jelly? I don't think it is a full out jelly, but it is kind of squishy. This is hands down my favorite red. I've worn it lots of times already and there is visible usage *screams* It is sad that they went out of business because they had some great colors. It is probably my favorite brush and the application is incredible! All the pictures were two coats and I also included an old picture of my newbie konading.

1 comment:

  1. It reminds me of Hard Candy's Lava with HT on top. Oh God, visible usage! I wish I would've been able to get some CNY polishes before they went out of business.