May 3, 2010

J2 swatches

J2 Purple Dazzle. Sheer purple base with purple and silver glitter, along with iridescent hex flakies. The polish itself is too sparse to be worn alone, but does wonders when layered. Here I have shown it layered over GOSH Wild Lilac, a light purple creme. The shade pictures also capture the flakies really well too. I used three coats for Wild Lilac and one coat for Purple Dazzle.

J2 Midnight Affair. Blackened blue shimmer. Almost black indoors, but really shines with sunlight. I absolutely love this with Purple Dazzle. This was two coats and application was okay.

J2 Plum. Gorgeous deep purple shimmer. This was two coats and gave me no application issues. I also layered Plum with Purple Dazzle.

J2 Bordeaux. Gorgeous maroon shimmer. I didn't get a chance to layered Purple Dazzle over it because I smudged it right after I took pictures of it lol. This was two coats.