July 27, 2012

Indies: Candeo swatches

Candeo Glacier. Three coats. I wish I didn't get a bad bottle of this because I loved this one so much. All the glitters sunk to the bottom and shaking did not do any good. I kept my bottle upside down for a few days before doing this swatch. I did contact Melinda and she was sweet enough to send me a replacement bottle of Old City! Woo hoo! Good customer service is a priority for me. 

Avon Sequined Turquoise. Three coats. I purchase this last winter and I believe it was limited edition.

 Candeo Divebomb over Sequined Turquoise. Two coats.

NYX Girls Sea of Cortez. Four coats. This is not a Zoya Charla dupe. Sea of Cortez has green and gold while Charla does not. 

Candeo Divebomb over Sea of Cortez. Two coats.

Candeo Orchid. Three coats. The big hexes were a bit hard to get out. 

OPI DS Exclusive. Two coats. This is a really bad picture, but I didn't have sunlight at the time. It is holo indoors as well as in sunlight. I guess it shows the base color pretty well? 

Candeo Orchid over Exclusive. Two coats. 

Sally Hansen Freeze. Three coats. I had to decant this one immediately because I hate the insta dri brushes so much. It was wonkier than normal so it made it impossible to apply. I just picked this one up recently so you should still be able to find it stores. It was in a display so I believe it is limited edition, but don't quote me!

Candeo South St. over Freeze. Two coats. I think I need to try this one over black. I wasn't really liking it over Freeze. 

La Femme Galaxia. Two coats. 

Candeo Sprouse over Galaxia. Two coats. This is my favorite of the Lynnderella Connect the Dots types only second to the original. It has silver and blue glitters as well as holo shimmer. 

When I showed Mr. Janimal this, he said he saw a wrench and a skateboard. Haha.

Candeo Poison Frog over Elixir Lacquers Tricky. Two coats. A swatch of Tricky can be seen here. I suspect they might be made from the same pigment. It was a perfect match.

Candeo Poison Frog and Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp. I did not expect Poison Frog to be so sheer so I sandwiched She Lived in a Swamp to make it more opaque. Two coats of PF, one coat SLiaS, and then one coat of PF.

Candeo Plumage over Revlon Guest List. One coat.

Candeo Plumage over Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari! One coat. A swatch of I'm So Sari! can be seen here.

Sally Hansen In a Flurry. Three coats. I purchased this one along with Freeze. They are from the same display.

Candeo Old City over In a Flurry. Two coats. Love this one, especially the bar glitters!

Candeo Mallard over A-England Princess Tears. One coat. A swatch of Princess Tears can be seen here.

Candeo Mallard over Cirque Vaudeville. One coat. A swatch of Cirque Vaudeville can be seen here

La Femme Esmeralda. Three coats. 

Candeo Mallard over Esmeralda. One coat.

Candeo Joker over Smitten Hydrangea. One coat. A swatch of Hydrangea can be seen here.

I was very impressed with the ones I purchased. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I especially loved Joker, Mallard, Glacier, and Old City. The formula was very good on all of them, except for the sheerness of Poison Frog. I did not have to add thinner to any! Orchid, Sprouse, and Mallard did settle a bit, but nothing a good shaking didn't fix.

Candeo can be purchased from: www.candeocolors.com and also from Llarowe: http://shop.llarowe.com/.


  1. Wow.. these are so cute I loved orchid, Glacier, Joker and Old City! Gorgeous! <3 x

  2. Candeo is one of my favorite indie brands! I'm wearing South Street right now but you make me remind me that I need Glacier, Joker, and Poison frog!! nice swatches!!