July 23, 2012

A-England holo swatches

A-England Tristam. Two coats.

Lynnderella Forget You Not over Tristam. Two coats.

A-England Lady of the Lake. Two coats.

A-England Princess Tears. Two coats. There is a subtle duochrome to it as well.

Candeo Mallard over Princess Tears. Two coats.

A-England Dragon. Two coats.

Kleancolor Holiday Jingle over Dragon. One coat. 

A-England Saint George. Two coats. My favorite of the bunch!

A franken Ang gifted to me called Ocean Breathes Salty over Saint George. One coat.

The formula on these are fantastic. These aren't very holo but I love the colors nonetheless. I took all of these under a lamp light so they do not show up as holo as they would in the sun. I also love that they offer free international shipping! A-England can be purchase from: a-england.co.uk