July 18, 2012

Indies: Cirque Dark Horse Collection swatches

Cirque Ophelia over Nails Inc Baker Street. One coat. I love this combination. Very nice formula for a glitter. Thin and easy to apply. I almost did not get Ophelia because I find it similar to Lynnderella Forget You not, but they are both beautiful polishes in their own right.

Cirque Tibetan Nights. Four coats. It was still a bit patchy after four coats. I also had to be very careful with application so I would not flood my cuticles. The formula is very thin so it would make a mess quickly. Also, the glitter in this sinks to the bottom of the bottle. Overall, I was disappointed with this one despite it being a very nice blue jelly.

A picture of the sinking glitter I was talking about. 

Cirque Vaudeville. Three coats. This one ended up being one of my favorites.

Candeo Mallard over Vaudeville. One coat. 

Cirque French Roast. Three coats. It was pretty gritty and ended up needing a few layers of topcoat to become smooth.

Cirque Dark Horse. Three coats. This one was gritty as well. I will probably layer this one over black the next time I wear it.

In the end, I am happy with the ones I purchased. Even Tibetan Nights is a beautiful polish, just not worth the trouble of application and sinking glitter for me. Vaudeville and Ophelia were my favorites. The formula overall was great. I did not have to add any thinner or think they needed it. Cirque polishes retail for $12 with the holographic colors selling for $16. There is also free shipping over $55 which I really like since most indie polish makers do not offer any free shipping.

Cirque polishes can be purchased from: www.cirquecolors.com

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  1. must have Ophelia! soo dying for a periwinkle glitter. Next purchase for sure. French Roast too maybe..