September 14, 2011

Creative Nail Design CND The Look Spring 2011

Perfectly Bare. Peach creme. I have to be honest and say this formula does not match my other CNDs. This was two coats and the formula was not bad by any means. It just was not the one coat wonders I have experienced with Green Scene and Asphalt. I found it a bit watery.

Perfectly Bare Shimmer. I will admit that I bought this duo for this shimmer. It has clear microflakies in a pink and beige shimmer. It is lovely! The pictures shown are one coat over Perfectly Bare.

On another note, what is up with the new CND caps? My other CNDs from this line have a rubber grip cap but these are plastic black now. Those rubber grip caps were awesome. I also ordered some of the shimmer effects and their caps were also plastic. I bought these from Transdesign. I am sad.


  1. I just bought 6 of the effects from CND and can't wait to try them! This color is gorgeous and I agree with Kirsten your nails are awesome!

  2. Thank you ladies!

    And the CND effects are awesome!