September 14, 2011

MUS Madeleine and more color shifting pigment :)

Today's main objective was to swatch 2 things. Jan wanted me to make a video using the color shifting pigments. So I did one of them today over black, Copper Red to Green. I also used my other hand to show you another one of my untrieds, Make Up Store's Madeleine. I have to be honest, I'm loving both of these. I usually remove right after swatching and then put something else on, but as of right now, I'm still wearing both of these. I'm mesmerized by the pretty!

But enough chatter, let's start with Madeleine simply because there's less pictures. All of these were taken in direct sunlight without flash. I used 2 very thin coats of Madeleine over 1 thin coat of Make Up Store's Aqua Fix base (it really does make a lot of difference) and no topcoat. Just one picture as a teaser. I'm placing the rest behind a jump so that this post isn't hogging your dashboard :(

Isn't that gorgeous? I'd describe this as a sandy beige linear holo. It's a bit thinner than Siw and Greta are, but not watery.

Now the color shifting pigments. Jan sent me 3 already in polish form! So I tried one out today. I'll probably try the others sooner rather than later. But this was one coat of the franken she sent me over 1 coat of black (AA Hassid). All in direct sunlight without flash.

I tried to capture the colors at different angles. It reminds me a lot of Clarins 230. I think that over a purple base, this might be a good 230 dupe! If this isn't enough color morphing goodness for you, see Jan's posts using the pigment frankens here and here. And just in case that still isn't enough, because I like to post useless videos of nail polish, here's a video showing Madeleine and the Red Copper to Green pigment over black:

Well, that's it from me for today! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're all doing well and having a great week so far!


  1. that color shifting is amazing!!!!! i love how the green part looks!

  2. the colour shifting is so pretty! I want it!