September 13, 2011

Butter London!

Some Butter London swatches in anticipation for the Ulta bogo sale. Enjoy!

All Hail The Queen. Very pretty taupe with subtle holographic. I am not one to wear nudes usually but I really adore this one. This was two coats and application was flawless.

I've topped All Hail The Queen with Uninhibited from LA Girls Glitter Addict. 

Bluey. Shimmery teal. Very glowy! This was hard for me to photograph, so if it looks off, apologies. Three coats and no problems.

British Racing Green. Medium green shimmer. I was expecting to love this one more. It could be because I have a million other shimmery greens to compare it to, but it is still lovely. This was two coats and no formula problems.

Henley Regatta. Turquoise Glitter. I've layered two coats over British Racing Green even though I suspect it would opaque in three or four coats. I really like this one. It is so sparkly!

Klean Color Starry Blue. One coat over Henley Regatta. The glitter takes some skill to place them where you want but otherwise I liked how it turned out.

HRH. Red based violet with multicolor shimmer. This reminds me of Essie's Viva La Vespa. I will try to get a comparison of the two. This was three coats and no application problems.

No More Waity, Katie. Dusty lavender with glitter. It felt a bit murky to me, like the glitter was drowning in the base. This was four coats and takes a bit to get opaque.

I've spiced No More Waity, Katie up a bit with one coat Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Purple.

Victoriana. Dusty blue with silver microglitter. This one is gorgeous!! If I had to pick a favorite of the Butter Londons I own, it would have to be Victoriana with All Hail The Queen close behind. Two coats and perfect formula.

Wallis. Metallic olive gold. Holy moly! It is so beautiful. I would consider this a foil or foil-like definitely and I am a sucker for them. Three coats and perfect!

Adding in a quick comparison I did for someone on MUA.

The first picture is one coat each and the second picture is three coats each. From left to right (pinky to index) it is Zoya Charla, BL Bluey, Essie Viva La Vespa, BL HRH.

I think they have some unique shades to their line and I am quite pleased with the formula on these with the exception of No More Waity, Katie. They are a little on the pricey end with being 0.4 fl oz and $14.00, but from what I have been seeing since I started paying attention to this brand is they do have sales occasionally (20% off).

I am hoping to pick up a few more during the sale. The limit is four total for the sale by the way (2 purchased, 2 free). For those of you who are taking part in this sale, what are you planning to get?


  1. Thanks for the swatches and the info about bogo I've been really wanting no more waity Katy and wallis.

  2. Must have the blue and green one!