July 22, 2011

Freaky Friday!

So today I'm dipping into my old stash of pictures again. I do apologize. We are expecting guests this weekend so I haven't had time to do my nails.

I did want to show you guys something that just happened in front of my house a few minutes ago. But that after the comparison picture I have for you. Here I'm comparing OPI's Plum Full of Cheer with Visions of Sugarplum. Both Ulta exclusives for the holidays from this past year and the year before.

From L-R: Plum Full of Cheer, Visions of Sugarplum, PFOC, VOS
You can see Plum Full of Cheer is a bit different. VoS has more and bigger shimmer in it but the base colors are a bit similar.

Now, what is up with today? The weather here has been unable to decide if it wants to be cloudy or sunny. And as I was washing dishes, a view outside of my kitchen window showed a vehicle speeding down our street and behind it a police vehicle with the lights and sirens full blaze. The police vehicle then stopped right in front of my house and the officer exited the vehicle pointing his weapon at what I assume to be the suspects they were chasing.

I honestly was too afraid at this point to go outside. So I waited a bit and when I did, there were several other police vehicles, both marked and unmarked.

This honestly is the first time this has happened on our street since I've lived here in 2006. So, the scene was a bit shocking, but exciting at the same time. I snapped a few pictures and took a short video because I'm a tourist at heart. We don't know why the suspects were chased and arrested, rumor has it they were caught robbing someone at gunpoint in a public area and fled the scene. How true that is, I can't be sure. But that's what I heard. Either way, the police seemed to conduct themselves in a professional manner and thank goodness there was no on foot chase through our backyards! That would have been really scary.

So thank you EPPD for doing what you do. Here's the pics and video. And yes our neighbors were gathering around and chatting throughout. Below in the first pic, the blue vehicle with the door wide open is the vehicle of the guys that were arrested.

I also sent these pictures and video to a local news channel, hopefully they'll use them tonight with more details! I'd like to know what exactly was going on.

Well, I'm off to finish preparing the guest bedroom and then to pick up some extra groceries. I may not have time to post next week. I guess it depends on how much time we spend outside the house. Hope you're all doing well and have a great weekend!

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