July 19, 2011

What the flip?


Yes, I do watch cartoons. This is one of my favorites. Plus, lately I've been enjoying spending time with my boys as they watch me draw their favorite cartoon characters onto my nails! As promised yesterday, I finished my Adventure Time mani lastnight. Of course I could not get a good enough Princess Bubblegum or Lumpy Space Princess. I even tried Tree Trunks. I failed miserably. So I kept the 3 characters that came out decently imo. Finn, Lady Rainicorn and Jake.

A video in my lightbox

Underneath I alternated black layered with Ozotic Pro 506 and Makeup Store Linnea. Just in case you wanted to see those by themselves, I have a few pictures.

This is my first Ozotic Pro polish. I received it in a swap and now I'm thinking I need more. The multi-chrome effect is amazing! I just can't stop staring at my nails at different angles because it's so beautiful :) Too bad I don't have family in Australia, otherwise I'd be pestering them into sending me more all the time :p

Well that's it from me for today. Next my kids want me to do a Spongebob theme. After my epic failing sessions lastnight I honestly don't want to attempt to draw anymore characters. So I may just do a simple bikini bottom look. Who knows, I may even just do a regular non fancy, non artsy manicure. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful evening!