December 8, 2010

Mistletoe Mischief's Jelly Goodness and Elle's Spell Swatches!!

Good Morning! I'm on earlier than usual today :) Unfortunately my afternoon will be pretty busy so if I don't post now, it won't get done :(

First off will be the 3rd and final Finger Paints polish I got from their Holiday Collection this year. Mistletoe Mischief. This polish is AMAZING! Seriously, it's such a beautiful dark green jelly, has tons of glitter and my favorite doesn't look black indoors! You can really tell it's green and I love that about it :) Here are a few pictures to show you what I'm talkin' about!

In the shade

In direct sunlight

Then of course, I really couldn't wait to use Elle's Spell as I did my nails lastnight. So I had to try it out. I wanted to see what it would look like by itself and over other colors. So here are swatches of it. On my pinky is 4 coats of just Elle's Spell, my ring finger is 2 coats over black, my middle finger is 2 coats over red and my index finger is 2 coats over a dark purple.

In the shade

In direct sunlight

Here's a video showing both Mistletoe Mischief and the Elle's Spell swatches.

My opinion? I love it for layering! It's not as red as it is in the bottle unless you do 4 or more coats. But over a red or darker colors it looks so beautiful! I definitely hope everyone gets their hands on a bottle of this!

Also! Before I forget (again!). I did swatches of One Less Lonely Glitter and Bring on the Tinsel over black yesterday, but fogot to post them! Here are close ups of them. Each are one coat of the glitter over black.

One Less Lonely Glitter

Bring On The Tinsel

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but the brushes on the Justin Bieber Nicoles is like the brush in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes. I'm not a big fan to be honest. It's wider than the OPI Pro Wide and in my opinion, harder to work with. Mainly because of the way the bristles are shaped. But I know some people who prefer that brush type. Just thought I'd mention it! :)

Well, that's it from me for today. Over the next couple of days I'll probably be using the OPI Holi-Daze colors and compare them to last year's colors. Until then, I hope you guys are having a great day and see you soon!!!

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