December 17, 2010

Contagious and miserable the morning after :(

Hey everyone! Well, I just wanted to check in and apologize. Last Friday I was planning on swatching and posting the Ulta exclusive OPIs. But as soon as I walked in the door from dropping my kids off at school, the phone rang. The school! Apparently my middle child vomited in the classroom, so he had to go home.

I picked him up and he, my 2 y.o. and my 7 y.o. have been sick since then. And now that it seems they might be getting better, I'm sick myself. Ew. Stomach viruses are disgusting, aren't they? Well, all are if you think about it. But the stomach ones smell so horrible. Yuck.

Anyhow, I haven't had time or to be honest, the energy to change my nails. But a few weeks ago I stashed some NOTD pictures just in case something like this ever happened! So not to leave you without any pretty thing to look at, here is MAC's Morning After nail polish from the Alice + Olivia Collection.

This one is so hard to photograph accurately. It's more green than it shows up in most pictures. Which is why in the last pic, I have a blue can underneath my fingers. To show you how green it is. This is a gorgeous teal color! Wonderful! Too bad MAC polishes chip within hours on me :( Oh well, it was pretty while it lasted!

Anyhow, hopefully this weekend will bring better health for all of us and I can be back and running on Monday. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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