December 7, 2010

Finger Paints Merry Mittens, Romanticism Ruby and some Ulta fun :)

Ha, no cheesy title today! All I could think of was Kitten Mittens, but that's overplayed. So, here is my part 2! of the holiday Finger Paints I was able to acquire. Merry Mittens.

In the shade

In direct sunlight

This color is a pretty glowy, coppery red with gold glittery. I thought the gold is what would make me like this more than the average red. But to be honest, it's so far my least favorite of the bunch. I needed 2 layers of top coat to keep it from looking gritty. Once shiny, you'll notice it would have been a pretty red without the gold glitter. I think they added it to set it apart from being just another holiday red. Well, it worked Finger Paints! Cause you suckered me into buying it. It's also a lot more coppery/brown than I'd like it to be. Indoors it takes on an almost 'not recognizable as red right away' tone.

In sunlight it's totally glowy and pretty though. But if I had to choose again, I'd probably have skipped on this one altogether. Formula was ok. A bit thick and the brush on mine was wonky with some splayed bristles! But it was almost a one coater. I think those of you who can polish yourselves very neatly can pull off one coat. I polish extremely unevenly and sloppily, so one coaters are almost never that on me.

Well, next up is Romanticism Ruby! It's also my first time using this since purchasing it (a while ago). This one is also gorgeous! But after the multi dimensional look of Mulberry Madness, I'm kind of underwhelmed. Still beautiful, though! It's a dark red jelly with lots of red glitter. I probably should have worn this one before Mulberry Madness and I'd be more smitten. But I screwed up. As you can see, it's beautiful! Just sort of flat when you compare it, you know?

In the shade

In direct sunlight
Surprisingly, this one only required one layer of top coat to be super shiny smooth! Formula was nice and smooth. Well pigmented and the brush was perfect in this bottle! Indoors the glitter is less obvious and it looks like a vampy jelly color. Still very nice in my opinion.

Here's a quick video showing bottles and nails of Merry Mittens, Romanticism Ruby and a bottle image of the Holiday Sparkle Top Coat I was telling you guys about.

And last but certainly not least for today! I took advantage of Ulta's early holiday hours this morning and stopped by as soon as they opened to pick up the exclusive OPIs from this year's Holi-Daze Collection. As far as I can tell they're not exact dupes to last years Visions of Sugarplum, Dazzled by Gold and Dreaming of Red. But stay tuned later on this week for comparisons of them. I'd like to finish the Finger Paints swatches before moving on to the OPIs. I'm so close, just one more! In the meantime here's a teaser video with what I got from Ulta. Not much, just the bottles of the 3 OPIs and Barielle's Elle's Spell.

Oh and also, I forgot to mention that right now the OPIs are buy any 2 (or $17 of OPI products) and get 1 of the Ulta exclusive holiday polishes for free. My Ulta had the Holi-Daze display up at the front counter with the registers so that the customers can choose the one they wanted for free right there. The display was pretty empty. So I'd say if you're planning on going to get them, you might want to go soon in case they don't restock! I hope they do restock though since I'll probably want a backup or two once I've tried them on.

Well, that's it from me for today! Thanks for stopping by, hopefully you weren't bored to death! But ya'll have a nice evening and I'll see you guys soon!