December 6, 2010

It's Madness I tell ya! MADNESS!!!

What is? How gorgeous this color is, that's what! It's Finger Paints Mulberry Madness. One of the few I was able to find at my Sally's from the Holiday Collection. In all I was able to find this one, Mistletoe Mischief and Merry Mittens. Plus I was able to snag a Holiday Top Coat. I really hoped to find Holly Good Times, but that one was all gone :(

Overall I'm happy with these finds though. I got them a few weeks ago and thought it was time to finally try them on! So here is Mulberry Madness.

In the shade

In direct sunlight

Video showing it in the shade and in direct sunlight

I don't have many Finger Paints colors, mainly because it's only available at Sally's and I don't go there a lot. But I have to say that I'm happy with the few I do own. This one does not disappoint! It's a deep red color with tiny red, pink and silver glitter. The red glitter is the most dominant and the pink and silver are only obvious at certain angles. But altogether, this is a mad sparkly beauty!

Like most glitter dominant colors, it dried a bit gritty in look/texture. Even with topcoat it was a bit bumpy. But another layer of topcoat on top and it was all smooth and sparkly! The formula was a bit thick and the color darkened more with each coat. But it's gorgeous and appropriate for more than just the holidays in my opinion. :)

Well that's it from me for today! I'll probably be wearing Merry Mittens for you guys next. I hope you guys had a great Monday!

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