October 14, 2010

Zoya Haul and Nail Spoon Swatches :)

Hooray! So yesterday, after waiting what seemed like forever for my Zoya order, the mailman finally brought me my packages! :D I ordered on the 2nd (Saturday night), got a notice on Monday morning that most of my order shipped (Fire & Ice was backordered) and saw that my stuff was sent FedEx Smartpost. Ugh! More like FedEx SlowPokes. Either way, the very next day I get a ship notice for the Fire & Ice Collection. So finally, a little bit more than a week later, my new pretties are home with me!

I ordered:
Fire & Ice Collection

And got for free:
Remove + 2 oz
Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub 9 oz
Fire & Ice Spoons
Wicked & Wonderful Spoons
Shipping! LOL

Yeah, I'm one of those that likes to spend enough for free shipping if there isn't a code floating around :p Although, after having to wait so long, I think I might pay the extra cash next time so that my stuff doesn't go SmartPost again. Still, the sight of all these pretties after opening the boxes was wonderful! I'm not gonna lie, it made me forget about the pain and suffering I endured throughout the wait. Hey, I could have died! ;)

Now Pictures! All pictures were taken either in my lightbox or with what little afternoon light was coming through my window against the wall and without flash.

Ivanka, Meadow, Zara, Mimi

Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal

Lisa, Sarah, Valerie

Valerie and Mimi

Bottle comparison of Crystal and OPI's Reflecting Pool

Free Stuff and Spoon Swatches!!!

Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal

Lisa, Sarah, Valerie

Reflecting Pool, Crystal, Ivanka, Meadow, Zara, Mimi
Ivanka, Meadow, Zara, Mimi
Reflecting Pool, Crystal, Ivanka

Meadow, Zara, Mimi

Well, that concludes my haul post. Earlier today I did a photo and video comparison on my nails of Crystal and Reflecting Pool. So expect to see those as soon as I finish cropping and watermarking those pictures in just a little while here :) Stay tuned!


  1. I'm so in love with "Ivanka". I've been wanting it forever and I don't know why I haven't just bought it... Can't to wait to see the post for it!

  2. Isn't Ivanka gorgeous? It's like the green version of Charla! You should totally take the dive and get it :D I have plans already for tomorrow's post, but I'll put Ivanka on my list of colors to do next, after tomorrow :D Have a goodnight!

  3. I don't like the cremes, but the shimmers are WAY SEXY!