October 14, 2010

Comparison: OPI Reflecting Pool Vs. Zoya Crystal

OPI released a polish named Reflecting Pool I believe sometime last year? Regardless of the release time, I believe it was released exclusively in Europe and Asia. Which made it not only really expensive, but hard to find here in the states. Unless you have a buddy overseas willing to buy it and send it to you, you know?

Well now there's no need to either spend a lot to try to get it or try to convince your friends overseas to go nailpolish shopping for you! ;) Why? Well, because as many have suspected, it is true that Zoya's Crystal is a dupe for it. The only difference that I could tell really is that the Zoya seemed to be more pigmented. As in, I needed 3 coats to get the OPI to look like the Zoya did in 2 coats. So, not only a money saver, but a time saver as well :D

Anyhow, don't take my word for it! Check out the comparison pictures and video I made for you guys. Oh and one thing, please ignore the bubble and smudge on two of my nails, that'll teach me to try and put the camera battery back into the camera while my nails are still wet :(

Reflecting Pool on the left and Crystal on the right

Crystal is on my index and ring fingers while Reflecting Pool is on my pinky and middle finger.

Indoors without flash

Outside without flash

Regardless of having a twin out there, they're both beautiful aren't they? Alrighty, well, thanks for bearing with me if you've made it this far. I have one more post for you today and I'm just about done cropping the pictures. So thanks for sticking around and hope you guys are having a great time! :D


  1. Hoorah! Finally a dupe for RP. Goes to show that, if you can wait long enough, a dupe for a coveted expensive polish will usually come out!

  2. Sheesh! I can't even tell a difference between these two! For me when there are dupes to a polish out there my attention span tends to drop. I guess I just like to have unique colors. Oh well, this colour is still quite lovely! Thanks for the comparison, these types of posts are so helpful.

  3. Arrianne - Yes! Lesson learned for anyone lemming something ridiculously priced, a dupe will come out if it hasn't already :D

    Hebridean Sprite - I'm glad this post was helpful! And I kind of like dupes, especially on limited edition or specific country exclusives. Because it makes it more readily available and people like me can hoard pretty colors to our heart's content ;)

  4. Both are gorgeous! Thanks for your lovely swatches!

  5. WOW. These are gorgeous. And they'd be perfect to recreate "Space Nails" on the Nails by Asami blog. I don't know if it's "PC" to post links to other peoples blogs. So, if anyone wants to see it, respond to this post and I'll give you the link. :) But, I'm sure a google search would bring it up easily.