October 14, 2010

China Glaze Tarnished & Varnished

So, Tuesday I put this on for the first time since buying it. I fell in love! Wow. I've heard so much about the Martini Pedicure polishes. How they're living proof that China Glaze can do glass flecks like it's nobody's business. But I did not believe until now. Out of the set, I only kept 2. This one and Sass in a glass. This one seems to be the most pigmented of the Martini Pedicure set. The rest all still had VNL with 3 coats. This one is 2 coats and pure gorgeousness!

Here it is indoors without flash

Outdoors without flash

You know I suck at describing colors. But I could best describe this one as a coral with a tiny bit of pink. At times it looks pinker than red, at times it looks like an orange red more than pink. It's hard to describe really, but it's quickly winning my heart over :)

I'll be back with a haul and swatches for you guys in my next post! Thanks for reading :D

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