October 14, 2010

I could only hope for a stolen moment of her thoughts...

'Between the walk to the club and all the drinks she'll have in a crowded room, where everybody leaves too soon, I only hope that she remembers me!!!'

You know you love that song, don't lie! I remember jamming out to that song when I was in school! Haha, those were the good old days :p

Anyhow, yeah, meet Valerie. Valerie is gorgeous, but most importantly, she loves me. Not true you say? Well, if she didn't, then why is she here at my house, letting me spread her all over my fingernails? She'll be sleeping in my room everynight, too! Jealous? You should be! :p

No but in all seriousness, this is one gorgeous purple. I was most excited for Crystal from this collection, but seeing Valerie in real life changed my mind! If you love purples and/or are considering only getting some of the Fire & Ice collection, make sure Valerie is on your list! Here are a few pictures of her and a short video showing her off.


In The Shade

In direct sunlight

Short video in direct sunlight

and just for fun, if you like the Material Issue song, here it is:

And that's it, I'm finally caught up to my pictures and done for the day! Woohoo! Thanks for sticking it out if you did. And I hope you guys have a great evening! I'll be back tomorrow morning :)


  1. This is so freaking pretty!
    I actually don't have many from this collection on my list, but Valerie is definitely one of them.

  2. I love this colour! What a great mix between burgundy and dark purple! And because it's dark it doesn't feel like sparkle overload! Gorgeous!

  3. ChaosButterfly - I'm so glad you're planning to get it. It is more beautiful in real life than i could show!

    Hebridean Sprite - You're right, it's not all sparkle overload in your face thanks to the darkness factor! I'm glad you love it :)

    Unhas e Cores - I'm so glad you love it, hope you get it! :D

  4. OH this is a pretty color! I love how it looks on you. Though, the pictures do sort of remind me of China Glaze Mummy May I. Either way, I love it.

  5. This would work for Space Nails too. :) I actually thought this entry was the same one as the entry directly below this. I got so excited to comment on it, that I didn't even notice until I scrolled up to read the text. LOL