October 14, 2010

Offensive shrinkage, dry neglected hands, figs and multiple posts?!

Haha, so exactly what the title says is what you should expect for today! I'm not proud of myself. I must apologize in advance. But today is a catch up day. I took advantage of the long weekend and took a few extra personal days for myself. Before I knew it, the week is now almost over and I have a bunch of pictures that need cropping and watermarking :(

Which, is so easy, but so tedious. I hate it, really. Plus I take like millions of pictures only to toss most of them. So going through them is also a chore in itself. Anyhow, when I realized the date (14OCT) I realized that I have something planned for a post tomorrow. So I need to catch up today. And rather than make one massive post, I decided to cut them up by day and theme. Mainly I wanted to do this because for 2 manicures in a row my trusty Seche Vite failed me in a major way with shrinkage and globbing. Yeah, it's thickened and since I don't like using it after adding restore (it dulls it imo), I've been using it until I can get a replacement this weekend. So total nail fails. You'll just have to see it to believe it.

Anyhow, my first post will be Monday's manicure, which was Borghese's Amaretto Fig! One of my favorite colors ever, yet gloopy SV managed to make me hate it :( I actually attempted to crop out some of the shrinkage but I'm no good at editing pictures, so please try not to suffer too much through the dryness and shrinkage.

Indoors without flash - Not really a looker, huh? Just wait!

The rest of these are in direct sunlight without flash.

Isn't that just beautiful? This is one of my favorite 'wolf in sheep's clothing' type colors. Indoors it looks totally unremarkable, but put this baby in some sunlight and look at how wild she can be at different angles! This color actually reminds me of autumn leaves. I miss having trees, stupid desert landscaping :( Alrighty, well look for 2 or 3 more posts for today from me. Hopefully you guys all have Amaretto Fig and will be sporting it more often this fall ;)


  1. this is such an autumn color! Its the perfect shade for this season it just reminds me of nature in general!

  2. Toesthattwinkle - Thanks for stopping by! And you're right, doesn't it just scream autumn? *hears the sounds of crunchy leaves* :D

  3. OK, I know what shrinkage is, but I don't know what it looks like. Can someone point it out for me?

    PS. That little glint of light right smack in the middle of the last photo is the money shot. Awesome.