August 20, 2010

Orly Lunar Eclipse :D

So Hello Everyone! Today I bring to you the next Cosmic FX polish I've tried on in the last few days and it is gorgeous! Lunar Eclipse. It goes from blue to purple and sometimes both if the light hits it just right. I will admit, I had a very hard time capturing the purple due to the lack of sun :( We had one little storm blocking all the sunlight. Seriously! Look:

Don't you just love the way the Sun's rays peek through the clouds?
Anyhow, this was the best I could do with the bad light I had to work with. So I hope they're helpful to someone! As with most of the pictures I post, you can click them to make them bigger if you want to see more detail :D

Although I love the look of this polish, I must admit that the application was pretty bad. I had to use 3 coats to get rid of any visible nail line. And the polish itself was sort of thick and goopy, making it even harder to apply evenly. It also took quite a while to dry, even with my usual coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. I know this because I dented a tiny area on my index finger. Maybe I just got a bad bottle? Either way, I think these retail for $10, right? I think for that price, the polish should have been easier to work with.

Well, that's it from me for today! It is the Tax Free Weekend here, so I probably won't be posting this weekend. I'll be busy last minute shopping for school items! But hopefully you guys have a more fun and a safe weekend!

See you guys next week :D


  1. Duochromes can be hard to catch even in ideal lighting. I think it's a lovely color!

  2. Hey, thats a really really great colour! Your nails are good :)
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