August 18, 2010

Latest Transdesign Haul!

So as promised earlier, here are pictures of the haul that arrived while I was typing my first post. I got:

China Glaze Ingrid
Orly Glitz & Glamour
Orly Space Cadet
Orly Galaxy Girl
Orly Out Of This World
Orly Lunar Eclipse
Orly Halley's Comet

Close up of Ingrid and Glitz & Glamour
The next 3 will be Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl and Out of This World
The next 3 will be Out of This World, Lunar Eclipse and Halley's Comet

Actually. Halley's Comet is from Ulta yesterday :X But I threw it into the pictures to keep them all together. So the only one I haven't seen yet or gotten is 'It's Not Rocket Science'. Which, I kind of wanted to see in real life before getting or passing on it. But since it was sold out at Ulta, I'll have to wait until my Sally's gets them. Which, kills me. Truly. I'll skip my rant about the 3 I just called and the either A.) Poor customer service I received or B.) The lack of english speaking/understanding capability.

Really, I'm not going to get into details, because I have just about had it with the same issues happening. It irks me so much!

Anyhow, back to the pretties! I was a bit disappointed with Glitz & Glamour. It's been my hope to find a dupe to OPI's Dazzled by Gold, but this proved to be too yellow. So, hopefully soon someone will put out a suitable dupe or it will be repromoted under a different name? *hint hint Suzi!* Anyhow, so...yeah. I was hoping Luxe and Glitzerland would be dupes, but they weren't either. If anyone knows of an exact dupe, please do tell! :D

Well, I guess that's it from me for today. Two posts in one day, huh? Wow! That's gotta be some kind of personal record :p Hopefully you're not sick of me. But now to decide which color to wear for tomorrow? Decisions, decisions. Please comment if there's a specific color you'd like to see tomorrow. Otherwise I'll just have to post something you might not like? No guarantees here!

But you guys have a goodnight and thanks for reading if you made it this far ;)