August 18, 2010

New week, new goodies! :D

Soo, hello again everyone! How are you all doing? Hopefully fine and not dying in the heat! It's been so hot and humid here thanks to the overcast :( But I come bearing new stuff today! Yesterday as I dropped a few packages off at the post office, I thought, hmmm, maybe I should go to Ulta and see if there's anything I want to redeem my rewards for. Which, in theory was a good idea, right? Free polish, I mean, when is free polish ever a bad idea, right? Well, I'll tell you when....when it's not free! That's right, I did not have my certificate with me :(

But I didn't realize this until after I arrived. Don't you hate that? I know I'm not the first person to experience this :p But moving right along! I get to Ulta with my kids in tow and walk around to the area with all the polishes. Well, much to my surprise they already had the Essie fall stuff out and the Orly Cosmic FX collection! It looked picked over already so it must have been out for a while. But I was able to get my hands on the last 3 polishes in the display. So I got 2 Space Cadets and 1 Halley's Comet.

I thought Halley's Comet looked similar to OPI's Catch Me In Your Net, but I got it anyway. So when I got home I was actually a bit pleased to see that yes, it is just like Catch Me In Your Net! Why pleased? Cause I've been trying to get my hands on a backup of it with no luck. So now, technically, I have a backup! So, I guess if you're not looking to dupe or get an extra Catch Me In Your Net then you should probably skip getting Halley's Comet. I've also read that CMIYN is an exact dupe of Zoya's Charla. But I don't have that one, so I can't compare those for you. Sorry :(

But don't those colors just make you drool? Well, now to nails. Monday night I decided it was time to take off my SSN franken and put something else on. And thanks to all the glitters I've been using lately, I felt like no glitter. So I put on BB Couture's Erotic Night. This color is just gorgeous! Reminds me of blood! But in a good way :p It's even more amazing to me because I did not use any topcoat. BB Couture says their polishes are 4in1 (base coat, top coat, nail strengthener and color), so I wanted to see just how true it is.

As far as shine goes, it looks great! Of course I'm pretty rough with my hands so it's a bit scuffed up. But I couldn't tell you if it lasted long cause soon after getting home from Ulta, I put some Space Cadet over this color.

This is one coat of Space Cadet over Erotic Night

The rest of these are two coats
I love these Cosmic FX polishes and that's really all I can say about them! Just a few minutes ago as I began typing this post, UPS brought me my transdesign order with more of the Orly Cosmic FX polishes and a couple others. I'll be sure to post my haul either tonight or tomorrow. Most likely it will be tonight sometime so that I can get to work on swatches for tomorrow! Yeah, that sounds good, actually. So stay tuned for a haul later today ;)

Well, hope you guys are having a great day and see you soon!

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy these few second long videos I uploaded of Space Cadet and Halley's Comet. Pictures really don't do these polishes justice!

Just a quick warning though, you might want to mute them or put the volume down! You can hear my baby in the background. He tends to get upset when I'm taking pictures or making videos that don't include him :(

Halley's Comet with OPI's Catch Me In Your Net

Space Cadet

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