May 1, 2010

Fingerpaint swatches

Finger Paints Wicked Glitter

Wicked Glitter. Multi-colored glitter in clear base. I am assuming this is to be like OPI's Mad as a Hatter, but it actually reminds me of Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink. The glitter is pretty sparse as far as opacity goes and this was 4-5 coats and you could still see my nails underneath. I imagine this would look okay layered too.

Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer

Sapphire Shimmer. Holographic glitter in a jelly blue base. This was pretty sheer and so I have layered it over a few different polishes. It actually looks fine on its own if you do not mind visible nail line. This was 3 coats.

Essie Lapis of Luxury. Very pretty cornflower blue/periwinkle. It was pretty sheer which lead me to believe this is a jelly. The formula was watery for me and I believe this was 3-4 coats. Even though the formula is not ideal, I do love the color a lot and the jelly feel to it.

Then I topped it with one coat of Sapphire Shimmer.

P2  Dangerous. I know this is an overseas (think Europe) brand although I'm not entirely sure which countries carry this brand. Perfect teal creme. It reminds me of RBL Teal, although this was 2 coats and RBL's Teal if I recall correctly is a one coater. The formula was perfect and gave me no trouble at all. Gorgeous!

One coat of Sapphire Shimmer over Dangerous.

Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime. Lime green creme. It reminds me of Misa's Green with Envy. Application was okay and this is two coats. This was a part of Sally's new LE display. There was also a turquoise and purple shimmer in case anyone was interested.

Then I layered 2 coats of Dare 2 Wear Disc Jockey over it.

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  1. OMG, I must own that P2 Dangerous polish. That looks like the most perfect colour ever!