June 14, 2012

Indies: CrowsToes swatches

Nicole by OPI Nothing Kim-pares To Blue. Three coats. 

CrowsToes Bunny Slope over Nothing Kim-pares To Blue. One coat. 

Bunny Slope layered over Revlon Powder Puff. Three coats of Powder Puff and two coats of Bunny Slope. I have swatched Powder Puff before and you can view it here.

BB Couture Balboa Beach Bunny. Two coats. 

CrowsToes Cheshire. One coat with some touch ups. I should mention this is not the complete version. It is missing the large square magenta glitters. I still love it though! Lauri is planning to send replacements sometime this week. :) I received it before I posted so I have added it in!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Loves Me Not. Two coats. I had a defective brush. It is diagonal and uneven. I am already not a huge fan of this brush so it made it difficult to apply, but the formula seemed good. I am usually a three coat person but I was satisfied with just two.

Cheshire over Loves Me Not. One coat with some touch ups. This is the correct version with the big magenta square glitters. There is one on my index finger. The formula was really thick so I added some thinner before applying.

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan. Two coats. 

CrowsToes Absolum - Your Potions Master over Moon Over Manhattan. Two coats. This one was a bit thick so I added some thinner before applying. 

BB Couture Mendocino Midnight. Two coats. I love this one. It is murky yet full of depth. There is even pink shimmer in this one!

CrowsToes Triple Black Diamond over Mendocino Midnight. Two coats. This one was impossible for me to capture how beautiful it really is. So much so that I swatched it a second time just to try again. I want to say it has the same kind of glitters are the Ozotic Elytras. The formula was thick for me, but nothing a little thinner didn't solve. 

Wet N Wild Black Ice. Four coats. The formula was very thin and runny and the brush was stiff which made application difficult.

CrowsToes Triple Black Diamond over Black Ice. One coat with some touch ups. I like it much better over this color. 

CrowsToes Herat Breaker. Three coats. I love the duochrome on this one. I had some trouble getting the large green glitter from the bottle. They have all sunk to the bottom and didn't want to come out even when I had the bottle upside down before using it. This is now known as Murder by #s.

CrowsToes Thing over Herat Breaker. One coat with some touch ups to even out the glitter distribution.

Jessica Pajama Party. Three coats. The bottle is in the shape of a paint can. While this is cute, it is a lot wider than normal polishes which made the cap awkward to hold. The formula was runny. So, runny formula plus weird cap made it difficult to apply. The polish was making a run to flood my cuticles. 

CrowsToes Thing over Pajama Party. One coat. I used a lighter hand with the glitter this time around than my previous swatch, so that is why they look so different. This was a special gift from Lauri that came with my order. :)

She is so cute and sweet. You can purchase these polishes from her store at: http://crowstoesnailcolor.bigcartel.com/

I really love all of her polishes. They were a bit on the thick side for me, but I prefer my glitters pretty thin to help with application. I just thought I should mention that before someone believes that I think the formulas are bad. They are not; it is just my personal preference.


  1. Those are some gorgeous polishes!

  2. NICE! Ive been lemming Absolum so hard!!

  3. OMG I now want me some Crowstoes!! You have created some lemmings.. x