January 2, 2012

ULTAmate Holiday and a franken

This year China Glaze had some Ulta Exclusives for the holiday and I've read online that some are finding it on clearance or marked down. So, I did some skittles for anyone still not sure if they want it or not. The other color I used is a franken I made trying to dupe the charcoal holo version of My Private Jet. Of course, I failed. But I think it came out pretty, regardless :)

The China Glaze was is very thirsty! I mean, I used 2 coats of gelous then 2 of top coat and it still isn't smooth all the way. But this is such a cool glitter! If you can find it at your local Ulta and you like colors like this, I say get it! So here is 3 coats of ULTAmate Holiday on my index and ring fingers and 2 coats of My Private Chef on my pinky and middle finger.

Quick Video

Well, that's it from me for today! I hope you're all doing well, enjoying the new year so far and having a great day :D

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