December 31, 2011

Blinging in the New Year!

Well, it's New Year's Eve and in just a few hours it will be 2012! I no longer celebrate, in fact, I'm in bed soon after the kids fall asleep, cause you know, old people can't hang anymore :p

But, I like to bring in the new year on a sparkly note! So this year I'm wearing WnW's 24 Carats. I also swatched the 3 SH Gem Crush polishes I bought the other day. So, let's start with the swatches :D

First up is Big Money. I really like this one. I'd describe it as a golden champagne micro glitter with pinky lavender circle glitters in it. It is beautiful! The thing about micro glitters is that they catch the light so that it looks super sparkly! Here is 2 coats of Big Money in direct sunlight.

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Oh man, I just realized that you can totally hear when I drop the bottle on the floor. Thankfully, you can't hear the obscenity I muttered under my breath due to the vehicle that drove by at that exact moment!!!

Next is Be-Jeweled. This one is a lavender micro glitter with larger round iridescent pink glitters. This is probably my favorite of the 3. Is this one a dupe for Wet N Wild's It's All In The Cut from Ice Baby? I don't know, but I think it might be. Regardless, it's so pretty! No, really, look at how the camera captures the sparkles in this one! This is only 2 coats.


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Now the last of the Gem Crushes I picked up and honestly, my least favorite, Lady Luck. This one could be described as a raspberry colored micro glitter with larger round silver holo glitters. I love the micro glitter, I just don't think it goes too well with the silver holo glitters. Maybe I'm just crazy and this one is gorgeous, I just don't feel much love for it. But here it is at 3 coats.

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Just to sort of recap on these. I found them at Walmart a couple of days ago and the display was almost empty. There were 6 bottles left and I took 3 of the 6. The 3 I left looked like dupes of OPI's Gone Gonzo, China Glazes Love Marilyn, Lorelei's Tiara and Some Like it Haute and WnW's Diamond In The Rough. They were $6.24 + tax each. I think that covers it? So now, onto what will be on my nails when 2012 rolls around.

This is 3 coats of Wet N Wild's 24 Carats from their Ice Baby Collection. I was able to find a few of the colors at my local Walgreen's, but not all. I got 5 and I think there were 8? Anyhow, this one is a bar glitter. It's sort of a mixture of silver, gold and copper bar glitters and tiny silver, gold and copper square glitters. I have a love/hate relationship with bar glitter. I love how it looks for a little bit and then I hate it. But I also love gold polish and I think my love for gold and sparkly overpowers the fact that this is a bar glitter. It's just so pretty!

Unfortunately the sun was going back and forth behind some clouds when I went to photograph this and it only peeked out really weakly for a few seconds while I filmed it. But I think if you've seen this polish in direct sunlight or a really bright lamp, you'll know how beautiful this looks! Here it is at 3 coats, WnW's 24 Carats.

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Well, that's it from me for today and for the rest of the year! I want to thank you for stopping by! From both Janelle and I, we wish Everyone a Wonderful, Amazing, Fabulous, Beautiful and Sparkly New Year! <3