January 20, 2012

Jessica's Hologram Chic!

Talk about a linear holo to make you drool! The Hologram Chic set from Jessica comes with the aqua base (Retro Revival) and the polish (Disco Diva) retails for $24. That's basically $12 each, which isn't too bad considering it's 14.8ml! I LOVE this polish! I'm going to show you way too many photos of it now and then the latter half of my post will be comparisons. But I'll try to put that part underneath a jump. So now, to the Disco Diva! Now, the instructions on the back of the box tell you to use 2 coats of Retro Revival underneath 2 coats of Disco Diva. But I'm a rebel and I only did one coat of each. I was going to do a 2nd of Disco Diva, but I needed to show you how awesome this is. 1 coat and if I had a better hand at application, it might have been completely perfect. Of course I don't, so you can see a bald spot on the edge of one of my nails and I dinged it while it was still wet on another corner. But that's user error! So here it is, a ridiculous amount of pictures of the Hologram Chic set without topcoat.

Quick Video

Isn't that pretty? I feel like I can't say enough about this polish. But I decided to do some comparisons with my other silver holos. In this comparison I'm putting it up against GOSH Holographic, Make Up Store Greta and Chemistry 509.

Now first off, let me apologize for my skin/cuticles here. I didn't moisturize after removing the Disco Diva because I'm lazy and I knew these would come off right after I took pictures and video of them. These are also very messy swatches for the same reason. So here goes!

In these pictures I used Retro Revival as a base underneath all of them, I also did 2 coats of each polish and no top coat.

From L-R: Disco Diva, Greta, Holographic, 509

Indoors by the window light

Quick Video

As much as I love the Make Up Store and GOSH, I believe the GOSH has been discontinued? I was lucky enough to have some in the UK order this for me a while back while it was on the website and it was about $18 (with shipping) for an 8ml bottle. The Make Up Store's Greta is awesome, but it's also only an 8ml bottle for $14 and the Chemistry, while it's not really linear like the rest, is still an awesome holo and to my knowledge it's only available in Australia? I think it's pretty cheap, but unless you're in Australia, that's not really going to be something you can easily acquire. I'd also like to mention that GOSH and Make Up Store also have their own Aqua Bases for the holos and I believe it costs the same as the polishes do.

So all in all, the Jessica gets my vote for value and ease for us in the States to acquire. If you don't have a stockist like I do, you'll have to order online. Shipping is a flat $7.50, but it's free on orders over $150. I ordered over the phone and had wonderful customer service, so thank you, Lori @ Jessica Cosmetics!! I should also warn you that this set is limited edition! So if you want to order, you can order online at the Jessica wesbite or you can call them at (800) 582-4000. If you do call, ask to speak to Lori! Tell her you saw it on a blog, maybe we can get Jessica to do some sort of online promo?! Hey, a girl can dream, right? No, but really, Lori was pretty sweet and funny for me and I like to talk about awesome customer service as I experience it so rarely nowadays!

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Well, that's it from me for today! Thank so much for stopping by :D I hope you all have a wonderful day and a fun and safe weekend! Until next week :D