January 10, 2012

I ruined it!

So, this morning I had on Metallic 4 Life. I figured I'd run a couple of errands early before I photographed it and that was where I messed up! I was out and about and ended up doing something that ruined my polish on 2 fingers :( I felt like such an idiot! Moral of the story? If you have the opportunity to photograph your nails, just do it. If you wait to do it later, you may not get a chance to anymore. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to do it again tonight and show it to you tomorrow. For now, I'll show you guys this pic from my vault. It's a franken I made a few months ago that I named Swedish Fish. That's where I got the color inspiration from as well. It's a red jelly packed with red glitter and some green, orange and gold glitter as well.

Quick Video

Well, that's it from me for today! I will be showing M4L tomorrow and hopefully after that I'll show you guys the glitters I picked up at Icing. Until then, hope you're all doing well and enjoying life!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool!
    I totally hear you about taking nail pics at the soonest opportunity, too!