October 1, 2011

Oh Barielle...

Why do you disappoint me so?

Barielle had a sale recently, so I decided to pick up a few colors including what I assumed were new colors. I could not find online swatches anywhere. Against my better judgement, I picked them up. They are Brown Sparkles, Pretty Pink, and Gold Digger. Here are pictures of the swatches that were provided on the Barielle website.

They look awesome don't they?! I imagined them to be like BB Couture Kelly Green with specks scattered throughout. Or even something like their Falling Star shade. Brace yourself...

Brown Sparkles, Pretty Pink, Gold Digger

A FROSTY PINK?! Are you kidding me? I don't even know what to say. The sad part is they might not be worth returning since I would have to pay for the shipping costs. *sigh* Teach me to buy before I see online swatches. I suppose Brown Sparkle and Gold Digger aren't bad but not what I was expecting. Just more salt in the wound.

Barielle Brown Sparkle. Bronze foil. Three coats and very nice coverage. The formula is surprisingly nice. Despite my disappointment, I do like this one.

One coat of Kleancolor Tahiti Sunset over Brown Sparkle.

Barielle Gold Digger. Gold foil. Three coats as well and no formula issues.

One coat of Sally Hansen Take The Stage over Gold Digger. I wish this one was not as sparse. I had some trouble getting the hex glitter where I wanted.

Barielle Pretty Pink. Frosty pink. Two coats for this one and strokes galore. Haaaaaaate! Blerg.

And this concludes your PSA against Pretty Pink.


  1. Oh what a disappointment! I ordered Brown Sparkles during their sale too because I fell in love with their "swatch" on their site. When I got it, I was so upset-it looked nothing like they represented! Oh well, it is a nice color despite the fact it's not what I was expecting...But the Pretty Pink? Ewww Frostt!!!!

  2. Wow, those are the worst 'swatches' I've ever seen. I was looking at the sale and was trying to figure out what colors I would like but I thought the swatches were not accurate so I didn't buy anything... I'm kinda glad I didn't! I do like the Brown Sparkle, though.

  3. I got those three as well, totally misled by the swatches on the site since there were none available. Pretty pink is the one that really is a slap in the face, seriously. I had to double check my invoice because I couldn't believe I'd ordered a frost! Boo on Barielle for the bad swatches and descriptions!

  4. OUCH. That's really a total misrepresentation, isn't it? :( These are...okay, but I would be hugely disappointed if I'd ordered them based on their description and got this instead.

  5. Ugh I was lured in too!! Stupid stupid brown sparkle. I wanted white with brown specks, like a chocolate chip cookie. But instead I get a foil that I have like four dupes for. >.<

  6. Those were way misrepresented... =(
    The pink frost is a pretty color in itself. Maybe it would be good for sponging? =)

  7. brown sparkles and gold digger...jee...I already have orly luxe and rage, and many more like those..skip.... but pretty is nice and i would wear it :)i do have a soft spot for frosty pinks because so many hate them lol i always step up for the underdog lol :)