September 24, 2011

Haul and swatches!

Ebay haul and some swatches. :)

I don't usually like to post hauls but I love this one so much. :x

 These next two pictures were extras the seller included! Heck yes!

Nail polish remover, remover pads, and a really cute Etude House cosmetics case. But that's not all...

This was inside the case! I keep laughing every time I see this picture of the Hot Burning Body Gel. LOL

Lofes 213. I've never heard or seen this brand before and google brings up nothing. I'm not even sure if 213 is the correct name for it but it is the only readable thing on the bottom label. lol. Anyways, it is a deep blood red jelly. I've done one coat on my pinky and two coats on the rest. Look at how dark it gets! At first I thought it was black because of the bottle. Even in bright sunlight it looks black! This was the free polish that was in the cosmetics case by the way.

Missha JBL01. IT IS SO PRETTY. I don't even know how to describe this one. It is not a glitter or shimmer...they are like tiny flakies. This was two coats but could easily be one if the brush didn't suck. The brush is so fat I could do one swipe on most of my nails and two on my thumb. The formula is remarkably good and very nice coverage.

That's it for now. I'm almost finished with swatches of everything else but a storm stole my sun while I was trying to finish up! I will update this thread when I post them so if you're dying to know the name of a polish, it will be there.

EDIT: I've swatched and posted them here.