September 23, 2011

CND The Look Fall/Winter 2011

The box is pretty!

Dark Amethyst. Plum creme. This was one thick-ish coat. Very nice formula and perfect fall color. 

Midnight Sapphire. Navy blue creme. Two coats and very nice application. This reminds me of Chanel Blue Rebel.

Sheer 24k Sparkle. Gold flakie topcoat. The gold version of CND Sugar Sparkle? I've included a picture of Sugar Sparkle below. Coincidentally enough I layered it over a dark blue, Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue. I love them both!

 One coat of CND Sugar Sparkle over Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue.

EDIT: I'm adding another picture because the other one isn't very good at showing the individual flakies, but I kept it because you can see the different colors.

I purchased this Creative Nail Design (CND) set from The two cremes aren't super unique but I think they both fit really well with fall. Sheer 24k Sparkle gives them something a little extra if the cremes are a bit plain for you.


  1. Absolutely stunning! I just received my set too (also from but haven't tried it yet. CND is such an amazing brand! Their Effects are the best! Thanks for the Sugar Sparkle comparison too ;-)

  2. Awesome! These are in the mail to me!

  3. Ruth: I know!! I love CND. I like to collect the Effects they release. :)

    Paillette: I love Jon Hamm even with his womanizing lol.

    imfeelingnail-venturous: I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

  4. midnight sapphire looks like a perfect fall color! and its absolutely gorgeeeous with the sparkle!