June 29, 2011

Epic Winning and Ulta Exclusives Shimmer Into Summer

Today I have a bit of a peek at the OPI Ulta Exclusives for the Summer collection, Shimmer Into Summer. I say peek, because I didn't buy them all. I only bought one of the 4.
I do however, have some craptacular cell phone pics for you! So let's start with that :)

The Display
My thoughts: While I do think they're very pretty, they look very familiar to me. Sort of like a Deja Vu of the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection. Am I right??? Now, I actually skipped on all of the Gossip Girl collection because I only wanted Too Rich For You and it was gone by the time I got to my Ulta.

So this was sort of a chance for me to get it, in OPI bottle form. Now, are these exact dupes to the Gossip Girl collection? I honestly can't tell you yes or no with any certainty. But I think they're very similar if not the same.

So of course, I got 2 other things while there today. Here are some better pictures now of How You Blue-in? along with I Lily Love You and Essence Irreplaceable.

From L-R: I Lily Love You, Irreplaceable and How You Blue-in?
Quick comparison, the only thing I have similar to How You Blue-in in my stash is China Glaze's Blk-Bila-Bong. But they're not really that similar.

And look at how beautiful I Lily Love You is close up. You can click this to make it huge cause I didn't shrink it very much!
Last thing! My NOTD is Icing's Epic winning over American Apparel Hassid. I did 2 coats of the glitter over 1 coat of the black.

In the shade

Direct sunlight
Video! So you can see the holo and blue sparklies!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you're all having a lovely evening!


  1. Ulta always has something new to suck me in. Have you seen their stock price. Their chart is amazing. It just keeps going up and up.

  2. I WANT!!!
    But there is no ULTA in NYC =(

  3. Oh these look like they might be nice. Too bad I cant get these in Canada.

  4. peripatetic33, No I haven't! But now I'm curious.

    Claudie, I'm sorry there is no Ulta in NYC :( How is that possible? I thought NYC had everything?

    Jackie S., Thank you!

    Pam, I'm sorry you can't get them in Canada. One day I hope everything will be available to anyone anywhere :D

    Thank you everyone for stopping by, I truly appreciate your feedback/conversation! Hope you all have a wonderful evening.