March 4, 2011

Some Friday Fun :)

Before I changed my Wildlife mani, I wanted to try something out. So I put Black Shatter on over it. I wasn't too thrilled with the look. So, I thought, how could I spice this up? Flakies! I put 2 thin layers of Nubar 2010 on top of it and despite giving me mild sensory overload, I kinda like it!

I actually had one mom at my kids' school this morning ask me if I had on 'those foil things'. She was a bit disappointed when I said no, that it was in actuality 3 nail polishes. She wanted to know if she could duplicate it herself, so I told her what they were. When I explained to her that they were not available locally, I think she gave up hope. But I couldn't help but smile at the fact that someone else likes it enough to ask me what it is :D

Couldn't leave a video out!

And I forgot to post these the other day. But I also added some crackles to Austin-Tatious Turquoise and Ahoy! before I changed them. So here they are:

China Glaze Broken Hearted over OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise
Lightning Bolt, Crushed Candy, Cracked Concrete and Fault Line over China Glaze Ahoy!

As I stated, these are before I changed them so please excuse the chips and tipwear. Also, no video for those. Sorry. But I think that's it from me for today! I have an awesomely fun idea that I am going to attempt today. Pending the results, I'll probably post it in a couple of days :D I hope you guys have a safe and fun weekend! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!


  1. The black shatter over wild life with 2010 on top is very intriguing. :)

  2. That mani really is quite remarkable... My attempts of layering HT over a crackle mani looked awful. I'll have to give it another shot with a similar base colour :)

  3. Love this mani! First time poster here, but I really like your blog! Thanks for sharing this in motion on youtube, I watched it twice. LOL! :D