March 3, 2011

One haul to end them all!

So I finally sat down and photographed my recent hauls. I didn't include all of the makeup items. Just because I was too lazy to pull them out of my stash. Not all are new items to me, some are backups and others are intended as gifts for family members.

So let's begin with my Nubar haul. As stated in an earlier post, these were my first Nubars. I kept it pretty minimal since I didn't want to splurge an insane amount if I ended up hating them. That fear was found out to be baseless, because as it turns out, I LOVE THEM! So far I've only worn one of the 6, but I've used them all on a nail wheel and the formula is great, pigmentation is also wonderful. These honestly don't leave anything to be desired. I kinda wish I would have tried them sooner, but that's ok. I can definitely see myself splurging on them later on down the road ;)

L-R: 2010, Charmeuse, Wildlife, Swiss Chocolate, Lemon Sherbet, Forest
Here are close ups of 2010 and Wildlife, just cause they're so awesome they deserved their own pic.
Next up, the Transdesign haul. I ordered these before my trips to JCPenney and Ulta so I ended up with some dupes. But in my defense, I thought perhaps the sudden restock of the Katy Perry and Serena Williams collections on the site were quite possibly a mistake and I didn't want to completely miss out in case they cancelled the order due to a site glitch. That turned out to be an unnecessary concern since the order came through perfectly. So here's what I got:

L-R: The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies, Simply Smash-ing! and Black Shatter
From What She Buys, I bought some clothing items for the baby and added on a couple of Lippmanns. Not anything new or special, just something I'd been wanting for a while.

L-R: Waking Up In Vegas and Razzle Dazzle
Now from MAC's Jeanius Collection, I got the 2 polishes, a blush and an eyeshadow. I have to admit, as tacky as some might think it is, I think the jean patterns are cute!

L-R: Motorhead eyeshadow, Frayed to Order, Biker Blue and Pink Cult Blush
I have yet to try these polishes out yet, even on a nail wheel. I tend not to use MAC nail polishes on nail wheels since I'm cheap and these are so expensive. I know, they're only $14, right? But $14 for 10ml of polish. I find it a waste to use on anything but the nail! Regardless of my money tight tendencies, I can tell you my first impressions from the bottle.

Frayed to order kind of reminds me of Pink Opal pigment in the jar. In fact, it looks like if that's what MAC did, they added Pink Opal pigment to a white nail polish and called it a day! Don't get me wrong, I think it looks really pretty. But just to give you an idea of what it looks like, it looks like Pink Opal pigment in nail polish form. Biker Blue, is beautiful. It does remind me of something else, but I can't quite place it. Either way, it looks beautiful!

Now on to the last one. The one that will end them all (atleast until Spark De Triumph comes out)!!! My 8ty8 haul. I have to warn you, this was a 42 bottle order, but I kept 9 out of photographs because they are backups to ones I already own and didn't want to bore you. I only felt the need to mention this, because I have to share with you that shipping on this massive 8 pound order was only $15. I find that a bargain considering how much money was saved in total. 8ty8 sells OPI at $4.48 a pop, China Glaze is anywhere from $2.88 to $3.58.

Of course, they don't advertise OPI on their website, but you can order it either over the phone, by e-mail or in person (if you live in New York!). They also sell Color Club, Orly, Savina and a few other brands. I also like to get the big bottle of Seche Vite from them since it's only about $16.

But I'm starting to sound like a commercial now. So on to the goodies! My camera has a really hard time picking up bright jellies or neon colors, so some of these pictures may not be completely accurate. I do apologize for that in advance, but there's nothing I can do about camera freak outs!!!

L-R: Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear?, Big Hair...Big Nails, Don't Mess With OPI, Guys Meets Gal-veston, San Tan-Tonio, Do You Think I'm Tex-y? and Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

L-R: Rumple's Wiggin', Over The Taupe, La Paz-itively Hot, Mint Mojito, Coat Azure

L-R: Flip Flop Fantasy, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Pool Party, Sun Worshiper, Kiwi Cool-ada

L-R: Snow, Frosty, White-Kwik-Silvr, Recycle, Blk-Bila-Bong

These are for my cousins in CA. Clockwise starting from the top left, they are What's With the Cattitude, Ahoy!, Knotty, Sea Spray, Turquoise & Caicos, The Show Must Go On, For Audrey, Ski Teal We Drop, Houston We Have a Purple, Diva of Geneva and Pelican Gray.

The ones I left out were from this specific haul and were more crackles and more polishes from the Texas collection. But if you would allow me, my observation when I was organizing all these new goodies into my stash. The new Essies. I know that the 'retail' Essies are 13.5 ml, but I thought the 'salon' line would remain the same. Apparently, I may be mistaken in this assumption. The brand new Coat Azure I got also says 13.5 ml. It still says .5oz, but the ml amount is different. Here is a comparison of it next to 2 other Essie polishes.

That was a bit of a shock to me. It seems a lot of brands are either raising prices or giving less product for the same price. I am a bit peeved by this. But the bottles are not obviously smaller. So they still fit with my other Essies. Of course they are the tiniest bit smaller. I did a lot of comparing and took notice, but if you're not looking for a size difference, you may not notice!

Well, that's it from me for today. Just wanted to share my recent hauls with you. If you're interested in purchasing from the e-tailers I purchased from, but you don't know where to go, this part of the post is for you ;)

What She Buys
8ty8 Beauty

I didn't mention MAC, because well, you can either purchase them online or at your local counter or freestanding store. I thank you guys for coming to share my interest with me and hope to see you again soon!