March 4, 2010

Models Own Haul

Top: Lime Green, Bluebelle, Slate Green, Emerald City, Misty Grey
Bottom: Grey Day, Green Grass, Disco Mix, Green Tea, Peacock Green, Top Turquoise

*whistles* Anyone notice a theme here? I may or may not have a weakness for greens and greys. I can never have enough of them. Anyways! Moving on...

Models Own had a 50% off sale a while back (I forget exactly but it was before I went on vacation). I think it was the beginning of February. I had a hard time narrowing down my list to just these 11. They have a lot of unique colors and stray away from just typical reds and pinks in my opinion, and I tend to be drawn to colors like that. As of right now, I've only used two as full manicures, Lime Green and Peacock Green, and as far as I can tell the formula is better than I expected. They applied beautifully and didn't require more than two coats each. Oh! And with the sale, I thought they were reasonably priced and I adore the cute bottles; along with the great quality!

I might try my first swatching session tomorrow with my main objective to get these all swatched. Wish me luck!

Hope you enjoyed. :)


  1. Clearly you don't like grey or green AT ALL! ;) Great haul!

  2. Great haul, can't wait to see swatches!!

  3. Can't wait to see swatches!