February 16, 2010

OPI Designer Series Perfection

This is what's on currently on my nails right now. I love this color. It's pink, it's gold, it's pink, it's gold and then it's pink again! It's just pretty! If you like pink and glitter, this is probably a must have for you. Here are a few pictures of it. I actually used my new camera on these pictures so please excuse the ugly details of my fat, dry skin :X

Thanks for looking!!! :D


  1. Omg, I want one, now! :D It's gorgeus.

  2. Wow, it's really pretty!
    And here I thought the best in the DS series were Glamour and Fantasy. ;)

  3. Stunning colour! I love most of the DS series, my favourite now is signature. But this polish might be my new favourite! *adds on wishlist*

  4. Hi,
    Is this color big 3 free?