July 20, 2012

Orly Space Cadet

Orly Space Cadet. Four coats. I know it seems like a lot but it has a thinner formula and builds up really well. Another one of my favorites that I wear from time to time. It has a very nice foil finish and it is a multichrome! This was released in the Cosmic FX 2010 collection. The entire collection was beautiful but this one is hands down my favorite.

Now check this out! I saw this posted over on MUA and knew I had to do the same. This is Space Cadet mixed with white. It blows my mind! I can't believe mixing those two colors together can make something like this. The flecks color shift too. It is really neat. I mixed it with a white jelly so this was four coats. Also, the recipe I used is 2 parts SC and 3 parts white.


  1. I really need to get space cadet. Mixing it with white is totally blowing my mind! I never thought it'd turn out like that!

  2. What white jelly did you use? This looks great....

  3. It's actually not that surprising considering the base is a teal color. Looks awesome!