July 8, 2012

Nails Inc Sprinkles collection swatches

Nails Inc Pudding Lane. Three coats.

Nails Inc Sugar House Lane. Three coats. My least favorite of the collection. This was described as a pale grey, but is a brownish taupe.

Nails Inc Sweets Way. Three coats. This one is a bit brighter in person.

Nails Inc Topping Lane. Three coats.

I really like this collection. Not many major brands are doing glitters like these, so it is refreshing to see. The formula on all of them were good. I like that you can get full coverage in three coats, but the glitter is not drowned out by the colored bases. These can be found at Sephora.


  1. think i can pass on sugar house..the rest i must have though. so happy these are available in the US now..i was ready to spend way too much ordering them from the UK.

  2. These are definitely on my wish list now!
    Thanks for sharing :D
    Jen x