July 5, 2012

Indies: Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection swatches

This collection contains six polishes and two secret but not so secret anymore polishes. While Rainbow Honey is one of my favorite indies, the formula on these leaves something to be desired. I had to decant some polish out to add thinner to all of them except for Celestia.

A Little Kindness: Rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters float in a delicate and light yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer.

Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness. Two coats over black.

A Little Kindness over Zoya Dove. Two coats. Dove is a grey creme.

Zoya Gloria. Three coats.

A Little Kindness over Gloria. Two coats.

20% Cooler: A shimmery and translucent light blue base with a veritable rainbow of glitter that promises to make any old manicure at least 20% Cooler.

Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler over black. Two coats.

20% Cooler over Revlon Coastal Surf. Two coats. Coastal Surf is a light blue creme.

The Element of Magic: Purple and pink glitter, some holographic, some iridescent, and a sprinkling of fairy dust all in a shimmery purple base with a magical blue shift.

Rainbow Honey The Element of Magic. Four coats.

The Element of Magic over black. Two coats.

The Element of Magic over OPI Pamplona Purple. Two coats.

Hoof Wrassle: A shimmery copper orange base studded with gold, copper, and orange hex and square glitter. A sprinkling of iridescent and holographic glitters make this polish sparkle in the sun.

Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle. Three coats.

Hoof Wrassle over OPI A Roll in the Hague. Two coats.

Pinkie Promise: A fun and shimmer pink base filled with hex and tinsel glitter in magenta, light blue, and gold. This polish calls for a party!

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise. Four coats. This probably would have been okay with three, but this was before I thinned it out.

Pinkie Promise over black. Two coats.

Pinkie Promise over Essie Splash of Grenadine. Two coats.

The Worst Possible Thing: A sheer layering polish, jewel encrusted and shimmering with opalescent flakes in a sea of holographic and iridescent glitters.  

Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing over black. Two coats. This reminds me of Lynnderella Bride of Franken, but with flakies and more. One of my favorites from the collection.

OPI It's My Year. Three coats.

The Worst Possible Thing over It's My Year. Two coats.

Now for the secret polishes! These were sent as a gift for preordering the collection. They are minis of 7mL.

Rainbow Honey Celestia over Revlon Blue Lagoon. Two coats. Even though I didn't add thinner to this one, I did find it a little thick for my tastes.

Celestia over black. Two coats. THIS IS MAGIC! It looks 10000x better in person. I could not believe this little blue unassuming polish looked this nice over black. I really was not expecting that.

Rainbow Honey Mare of the Moon. Three coats. I had a lot of trouble getting the moons out of the bottle. I really had to dig to get the ones on my nails. The pictures below were with regular application and I did not get any moon glitters on my nails.

Mare of the Moon over black. Two coats. Even though this did not have any moons, it still has a nice duochrome.

Rainbow Honey can be purchased through her website at: www.rainbowhoney.com


  1. these are so pretty! think pinkie promise is my fav. i adore her packaging!

  2. Why oh why did you have to show these to me?

    1. It would be a crime not to share these beauties! :)

  3. I am now SO excited to swatch mine! They are sitting tight in their pretty little boxes :D

    1. I know! The packaging is so pretty! It is very professional looking for an indie brand.

  4. Great swatches! Mine came in the mail a few days ago; I can't wait to swatch them.