July 29, 2012

Indies: Pahlish polish swatches

Pahlish Dark Parades. Three coats. My version is a lot bluer than other swatches I've seen. Dark Parades is usually a purple. The glitter is a bit challenging to apply so I added some thinner and it helped significantly. I really like the flecks in this.

Pahlish Great Wide Open and Kleancolor Born to the Purple. One coat each over black. Born to the Purple has large and small fuchsia hexes in a tinted base. 

Pahlish Great Wide Open over Sephora by OPI If You've Got It, Haunt It. One coat. I love this polish. The white mixed with all the colors and shapes.

Pahlish Fire in the Taco Bell. Three coats. 

Fire in the Taco Bell over OPI Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear? One coat.

Pahlish Lovesong Writer. Three coats. I had a hard time getting this one smooth. There were a few curling glitters in it. The large hex glitter and bar glitter in particular.

Lovesong Writer over American Apparel Downtown LA.  Two coats.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with these. The only one I liked was Great Wide Open. My Dark Parades was a blue rather than purple and difficult to apply. Lovesong Writer was also a bit difficult for me to apply and the curling glitter did not help.

Pahlish can be purchased from www.etsy.com/shop/pahlish.