June 5, 2012

Manglaze swatches

There are a lot of them, so I've put them behind a jump. :)

Manglaze Blue. This is also known as Fuck Off & Dye. Three coats.

Rainbow Honey Unstealable Jewel over Blue. One coat.

Manglaze Butt Taco. Three coats. I don't really mind Manglaze names but this one is so out there. :(

Lynnderella Can You Spell Janelle? over Butt Taco. One coat with some touch ups. I love Lynn!

Fatty's Got More Blood. Two coats. I love this name. It makes me laugh!

Manglaze Ilf. Three coats.

Rainbow Honey Siren Song over Ilf. One coat. 

Manglaze Mayo. Four coats. I had a lot of trouble with the formula. Even after four coats, it did not want to even out but you cannot tell in the photos so much. It was more evident in person. 

EDIT: I was advised to message Manglaze about maybe having a bad bottle of Mayo. I did and they kindly sent me a replacement. I have tried out my new bottle and it was much better. It only took three coats to even out.

SpaRitual Alchemy over Mayo. Two coats. This is my new favorite layering polish!! It is too pretty.

Then I added one coat of LA Girl Uninhibited to Alchemy.

Manglaze Santorum. Two coats.

Rainbow Honey God of Destiny over Santorum. One coat. 

China Glaze Snow Globe over God of Destiny. One coat. I like it much better this way! 

Manglaze Mink Mitten. Three coats. This one is not as matte as the others. The matte and topcoat pictures almost look the same.

One coat of Manglaze Hot Mess over Mink Mitten.

Girly Bits Hippity Hop over Mink Mitten. Three coats. I had a lot of trouble trying to get the glitter out onto my nails. 

Manglaze Nawsome Sauce. Three coats. I love this one!

Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes over Nawsome Sauce. Two coats. I am disappointed in Snake Eyes and Siren Song. Very cool looking in the bottle, but it does not translate well on the nail. I think it is the mixture of glitter and heavy shimmer. I also had to thin them a lot. To the point that I had to decant some out just to get enough thinner in there. 

Manglaze Royal Matte-rimoaning. Three coats.

I layered two coats of Maybelline Blue Water and one coat of CND Disco Ball over Royal Matte-rimoaning. I did not expect Disco Ball to be so opaque! It covered almost all of the Manglaze in one coat. 

Manglaze The Death Tar. Now known as Matte is Murder. Three coats. My bottle is pretty old and has some black bits in it now. I am guessing it might be dried up polish. 

Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame over The Death Tar. One coat with some touch ups. I liked how this turned out! I was having some trouble trying to figure out what to layer this over. 

Manglaze Cabron. Three coats. This is my favorite of all of them!! I thought it was just a purple matte when I bought it, but it more of a midnight blue. LOL. So this entire time I thought this said Carbon. I should learn to read. Derp.

Urban Decay Toxin over Cabron. One coat. I really like this as a base! I had trouble in the past trying to find the perfect base for Toxin. 

Manglaze Fuggen Ugly. Three coats.

Rainbow Honey God of Destiny over Fuggen Ugly. One coat. I like God of Destiny over Fuggen Ugly much better than Santorum. You can still see the black glitter and the iridescent glitter!

Manglaze Lesbi-Honest. Two coats.

Formar U27 over Lesbi-Honest. One coat. 

Lynnderella The Telltale Heart over U27. I love the big square glitter.

Manglaze Matte is Murder. Three coats. I picked this one up since my The Death Tar has those black chunks in it now. 

I've layered one coat of Nicole by OPI Here Kim's The Sun and one coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker over Matte is Murder. I really love how this turned out.


  1. fantastic post. my manglaze wishlist just imploded.

  2. Lynnderella made a polish with my name in it? I need that now!

  3. Okay, so I'm a little late to the party here, but just found this post after a friend directing me here as we were discussing Manglaze polishes and trying to decide which ones to pick up from their newly finished website! I just had to comment! First, this was crazy helpful with the decision making (or... maybe I should say unhelpful because now I want some colors even more than before! Ha!) but, it really is quite an impressive and thorough Manglaze spam! Awesome pics of the polishes, double awesome that you presented each as it looks matte and then with topcoat and triple awesome (oh yeah, I'm going all the way to triple awesome!) that you then made use of every color for it's base coat potential to show off a bunch of other indie brand glitters! Well Done! I will definitely be adding on to the "followers" and reading more! Thanks for such an awesome post!!

  4. Thank you for this great review. I just went on amazon.com (Canadians have to order from them) and have just bought Ilf, NawSome Sauce and Fatty's Got More Blood. ;-)