June 8, 2012

Indies: Rainbow Honey, Pahlish, HARE, and more

BB Couture. Frosty Meadow. Three coats.

Nail Venturous Floam over Frosty Meadow. One coat.

Cult Nails Let Me Fly. Two coats.

Rainbow Honey Koi Pond over Let Me Fly. One coat.

Finger Paints Pink Imagination layered with Rainbow Honey Hanami. One coat of Hanami and two coats of Pink Imagination. Hanami was super thick so I added some thinner before using it.

HARE Afterglow. Three coats.

Revlon Gold Coast over Afterglow. One coat.

HARE The Monster. Three coats. The first time I wore this as a mani it was really thick. For this swatch I added some thinner and it was perfect.

NYC Skin Tight Denim. One coat and only .93 cents! And why does it say creme on the bottle? lol

Medicredfearn Frank's Red Hot over Skin Tight Denim. Two coats.

OPI Skull & Glossbones layered with Rainbow Honey God of Destiny. Two coats for S&G and one coat for God of Destiny.

Then I added one coat of Rainbow Honey Koi Pond over it all.

Orly After Party. Two coats.

Pahlish Endless Static Sea over After Party. One coat. 

Petites 587 Sherbet. Two coats. This reminds me of a shimmer version of China Glaze Strawberry Fields. 

Medicredfearn Whale You Be My Valentine? over Sherbet. Ang made two bottles and her bottle is called I Dolphinately Will. One coat. 

OPI Heart of Gold and OPI Starbright Sparkles I over it all. One coat of each. Nice subtle effect. 

I didn't think it would be so opaque at first, so here it is two coats alone. 

SpaRitual Alchemy over Whale You Be My Valentine? One coat. 

The Hungry Asian Twenty Ten. Three coats. 

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri over Twenty Ten. One coat. Loooove the flower glitters!!

The rest of these I've posted before but I thought it would be nice to have all my Rainbow Honey swatches in one post. 

One coat of Rainbow Honey Siren Song over three coats of Manglaze Ilf.

One coat of Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes over three coats of Manglaze Nawsome Sauce. The formula on Snake Eyes and Siren Song were terrible. It was like oatmeal. I had to decant some of the polish just to add enough thinner to them to make them usable. 

One coat of Rainbow Honey God of Destiny over two coats of Santorum.

One coat of Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame over three coats of Manglaze The Death Tar.

One coat of Rainbow Honey Unstealable Jewel over three coats of Manglaze Blue.


  1. oh my gosh how awesome are the Rainbow Honey glitters?! ive never seen the brand before but wowee i want them! cool swatches and love the layering combos! <3 x