June 27, 2012

Indies: HARE polishes swatches

Halloween 2011: The Creeps

I have two out of the four that were released. The other two are called Bio-exorcist and Heffalumps. You can see swatches and more details about the collection here.

Hare Dead Man's Bones. Three coats.

Hare The Monster. Three coats. This one is pretty gritty and needed a few coats of topcoat to become smooth. I also added thinner to this one because it was really thick and hard to apply.

Spring 2012: Planet Springtime

Hare Asteroid Turf. Three coats. The reason behind the name from Nikole: The name for asteroid turf makes me giggle because one of my best friends grew up with black ASTRO TURF carpet in his bedroom and it was just so weird. I always called it asteroid turf.

Kleancolor Green With Envy over Asteroid Turf. One coat. This one turned the pink glitter orange!

Hare Cosmo Blossoms. Three coats. I really love this one!

Hare Leap Light-Year. Three coats. The big silver square glitters sink, but having the bottle upside down for a while before applying fixes it right up! There are some formulation issues with this one, so it will not be offered in the future sadly.

Urban Decay ID over Leap Light-Year. One coat.

Hare Star Tropics. Three coats. This one also suffers from the sinking glitter and will not be available in the future.

CND Sapphire Sparkle over Star Tropics. One coat.

Hare Twilight Savings. Three coats. The glitter is a little hard to get out of the bottle, but totally worth it!

BB Couture Diamond Dust over Twilight Savings. One coat.

Hare Supernova Springs. Three coats, but probably could have gotten away with two. This one has a very dark purple base.

These next three are the original Leap Light-Year, Star Tropics, and Twilight Savings but the small silver square glitter were a little melty/curly. Nikole was awesome enough to send replacements which I have pictured above. The curling is pretty slight to me so I have swatched them anyways.

OPI Speak For Your Elf. Two coats. An Ulta exclusive from the holiday collection 2011.

Leap Light-Year over Speak For Your Elf. Two coats.

Star Tropics. Three coats. 

Kleancolor Blue-Eyed Girl over Star Tropics. One coat. I didn't shake this one up enough so it mostly just gave the look a blue tint.

Twilight Savings over OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam. Three coats of the OPI and two coats of Twilight Savings. I forgot to take a picture of I Don't Give a Rotterdam! Oops.

Hare can be purchased from her etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/HAREpolish

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