June 29, 2012

BB Couture Eye Candy Men swatches

BB Couture Heavenly Hunk. Three coats.

Ruby Kisses Baby Blue Glitter over Heavenly Hunk. One coat.

BB Couture Playboy. Two coats. My favorite from this collection.

NYX Girls Gilded Glitter over Playboy. One coat. Not color accurate but I love this combo.

BB Couture Sexy Centerfold. Two coats.

BB Couture Rustic Romantic. Three coats.

BB Couture Dirty Blonde. Three coats. I found the formula runny and a bit hard to work with.

BB Couture Silver Fox. Three coats.

Overall, I like the women's collection better. The formula on these were on the runny side. Not enough to make me complain like Dirty Blonde, but still noticeable.