October 14, 2011

Halloween: Pumpkin manicure

Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme with black pumpkins. I used Bundle Monster plate 222 (BM-222). This is cute, simple, and fairly easy to do. I consider myself a konad novice and I don't think it came out too bad! I used the black konad polish for the pumpkins. I did suffer from bubbles because I tried to do a thick coat of topcoat so I wouldn't smudge the design. Boo. It wasn't too noticeable though.

Here is a quick picture of what the BM plate looks like. I purchased this from Amazon. It is from the second set. Click here for the direct link.

Also, I should note that at first I had a little trouble getting the polish to stick onto my stamper. I never had this problem with the konad brand plates. I just took my glass file and filed the top of the stamper a tiny bit. I heard this helps adhere the polish to the stamper and it worked!